How To Eliminate your Back and Neck Pain by Changing the Chair you sit in!

Written by Suzanne Lamoutte

The ergonomic kneeling chair actually encourages you to sit with an upright posture, which leaves your back, shoulders and neck aligned correctly. Your hips are in a forward tilt position, which allows you to sit in a more upright way. When we sit atrepparttar computer for long stretches of periods hunched overrepparttar 148000 keyboard we are at high risk of damaging our backs. Doing this makes us more susceptible to strains, headaches and body aches. I am sure you know what I am talking about. Especially if you are in front ofrepparttar 148001 computer working for hours at a time like I am. The ergonomic kneeling chair actually starts to give yourepparttar 148002 relief you have been looking for all of these years. There is no choice, if your business is onrepparttar 148003 internet, or your working 8 hours or more a day in front of a computer or desk, why suffer if there is a solution. Nobody wants to feel these aches and pains that's why they designed ergonomics.

Sitting for Long Periods of time Makes Your Back and Shoulders feel Weak. The Ergonomic Knee Chair Can Help.

Believe it or not this weak feeling can be because of your posture,repparttar 148004 way that you sit. I am not a doctor so I am in no way telling you that this isrepparttar 148005 cause of all your back, shoulder or neck pain. But I will tell you aboutrepparttar 148006 way that we sit that can cause these types of pain. When you sit in that slumped over way that you sit, your muscles are tighting up to prevent us from falling over. You are basically, working out your muscles, but not inrepparttar 148007 way that you would want to. Your necks natural position is to go down. This will then causerepparttar 148008 shoulders to follow and then of course your back. Doing this leaves you sittingrepparttar 148009 way that you don't want to be sitting, hunched over. Sitting this way isrepparttar 148010 cause ofrepparttar 148011 allrepparttar 148012 pain. Look at it this way, when you work out your muscles work out what happens? They become sore! You also runrepparttar 148013 risk of straining a muscle when you work out as well, don't you? Yes! Well you runrepparttar 148014 same risk of straining muscles from sittingrepparttar 148015 way that you are probably sitting right now as you read this. Neck forward, shoulders pulled down and your back is arched.

Well sit up straight, pick up that neck and keep it straight, keep your back touchingrepparttar 148016 back ofrepparttar 148017 chair, bring those elbows in, and square out those shoulders. It would be nice if you could stay that way, withoutrepparttar 148018 need to buy a new chair. Not that it is not possible, but trust me I know how hard it is to sit up straight, that's work enough. You eventually end up feeling worse then you did before, but that's only temporary. You need to train yourself to sit up with good posture and it will take some time to get use too. And most of us don't haverepparttar 148019 time orrepparttar 148020 patience to do things like that. This is whatrepparttar 148021 ergonomic kneeling chair does. It's an aid to help you to sit up straight, right away. There is no practice there is no time consuming procedure. It's such a great thing. This ergonomic chair has no back, you sit on it and then there is a cushion that you rest your knee's on. It's unconventional, but very effective. You may look at this ergonomic chair and say to yourself, or maybe even out loud, "This chair can't be what you are raving about!". Well it is! These ergonomic chairs are referred by physical therapists, doctors and ergonomists. I would highly suggest taking a test drive on this ergonomic chair. You may just be as surprised as I was, and you may just findrepparttar 148022 relief you have been wishing for. You have nothing to lose butrepparttar 148023 nagging pain in your back, neck or shoulders, by checking into it.

Managing Your Home Based Online Business 2

Written by Roy Thomsitt

Inrepparttar first part of this series of articles, on managing your online business at home, I wrote aboutrepparttar 147999 many management responsibilities and functions you have rolled into one if you have your own sole proprietor business, with no staff. Your management task is perhapsrepparttar 148000 most difficult of all. You have to manage yourself, in all those different areas of your business such as finance, marketing, purchasing and computing.

I believe that if you think of your new home business as having different areas of management for you to concentrate on, you are more likely to succeed long term. If you can adopt some ofrepparttar 148001 techniques of good management, you will end up with a more sound business that will standrepparttar 148002 test of time. You will be a better decision maker, and it is decisions that dictaterepparttar 148003 progress or downfall of any business. Decision making needs to be unemotional and as scientific as possible, but as much as anything needs to be based on common sense. Good management is often a matter of common sense, and that is why I believe you, whatever your background, can run a successful business limited only by your ambitions.

The other virtue you will need in abundance is patience, and this an area where you definitely need to manage yourself. Impatience brings emotion into your decision making. It also brings self criticism, or criticism of others, when none is either deserved or necessary. Patience, realism and common sense combined will contribute greatly to making you a good business manager. With those three attributes, you will be well placed to learnrepparttar 148004 skills of management inrepparttar 148005 context of your own small business. You will be able to learn howrepparttar 148006 different functions of a business relate to each other and interact.

That is not easy, but over time, if you apply yourself, it will all fall into place. This is where patience is vital. Your age or background do not necessarily matter. I know that in my late 20s I did not really understand business and how it all fitted together. At 30, I knew I needed some sort of professional qualification, and I decided on management accountancy. The syllabus was tough, with 18 exams over 2 and a half to 5 years. What surprised me wasrepparttar 148007 variety of subjects to cover. There were exams in company law, business law, economics, corporate planning, marketing, production, decision making, cost accounting, management accounting, mathematics and statistics. Each subject was very different. Then, atrepparttar 148008 end, I suddenly realized that all of them knitted together. The ones I hated (law) and loved (marketing) all had a place inrepparttar 148009 scheme of things.

You, of course, have no need to study or be an expert in all of those things. But it does help to at least be aware that some of them are, in their own way, critical to your success. If you are taking a long term view of things, which you should be if you are serious about having your own home business, you have plenty of time to learn about those subjects that are most critical for your business:


Whatever your business, this is a very critical function for you to understand and manage, so when it comes to learning all you can, financial management is a priority. Much of this is again common sense, and realism, and there are many tools around to help you keep good financial records. But as I mentioned before, it is decisions that dictaterepparttar 148010 progress or downfall of any business. All decisions you make will have a financial impact on your business. However, good financial records alone will not bringrepparttar 148011 reward of better decision making. If you want to maximizerepparttar 148012 profits of your home business, you may find it helps to have other, non-financial records to aid your decisions. I will discuss this more in part 3 of this series of articles.

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