How To Earn Residual Income The Lazy Way

Written by Charles Kangethe

How To Earn Residual Income The Lazy Way ------------------------------------------

(c) 2004 Charles Kangethe -------------------------

I've got a confession to make... what I am about to reveal isrepparttar way I started out my Internet Marketing career.

It got me onrepparttar 102383 right track and it can work for you to.

I still use this technique for earning "Residual Income The Lazy Way" and I recommend it for:

* New Marketers : This is how to earn a residual income while you learnrepparttar 102384 ropes of your new chosen career.

* Experienced Marketers : You will seerepparttar 102385 potential to create new, powerful income streams to supplement your existing product base.

Step #1 - Find Six Affiliate Programs. -----------------------------------

Joining good affiliate programs isrepparttar 102386 easiest and quickest way to create new, powerful, revenue streams for all marketers.

* Top Ten Tips for working with an affiliate program

1) Choose programs that have a pay plan extending a number of levels down - This builds Leveraged AND Residual Income.

2) Make sure when you direct visitors to your affiliate program, their browser opens a new window. This ensures when they closerepparttar 102387 affiliate site, your site is still open.

3) Use a cloaked redirect link torepparttar 102388 affiliate site to prevent opportunist stripping out of your affiliate id.

4) Using a product like AdGizmo or Shrink My Link, observe Click Through Rates (CTR) on your affiliate links to determine which links pull visitor attention, and therefore which ones you should spend time and effort on.

5) Measure Click Through To Sales ratios to see which programs are delivering bottom line cash. Drop non-sellers and find better performing programs.

6) Use products and services ofrepparttar 102389 affiliate programs you promote. This gives your recommendations a personal stamp of authority.

7) Use a combination of your own ad copy as well asrepparttar 102390 affiliate program owner's copy. This makes your promotion and campaign stand out from other affiliates.

8) Set deadlines for your expectation of profit on a program. If it does not meet your deadlines, drop it and seek better opportunities or change your marketing techniques.

9) Find winners and promoterepparttar 102391 programs hard. These programs can make you large residual and leveraged income for very little work.

10) Promote affiliate programs offering complimentary products and services on your web site. For instance, if you run a Sports site - promote programs offering products with a Sporting theme.

Step #2 - "Residual Income The Lazy Way" - Customisation --------------------------------------------------------

Your "Residual Income The Lazy Way" website comes with several customisation options.

This ensures your site is Unique and Different to all other "Residual Income The Lazy Way" websites.

You haverepparttar 102392 choice of :

* Up to 6 affiliate programs

* A favourite colour scheme

* Graphics that representrepparttar 102393 theme of programs you promote

* Website layout to your site

* Ad copy to use on your site.

Step #3 - Set Up A Full Service Hosting Service. ----------------------------------------------

Two ofrepparttar 102394 best Full Service web hosts are 5dollarwebs and Host4Profit.

This is a small sample of what they provide :

* Easy domain (URL) registration for ""

* Huge disk space so you can host literally thousands of pages and products.

How to Effectively Manage Your Time

Written by Kevin Purfield

Are you spending too much time with your home business and not achievingrepparttar results you desire. Focusing too much of your time and efforts on your business and achieving poor results can have detrimental effects on your business, your personal relationships, physical and mental health, and overall happiness in life.

One simple way to reducerepparttar 102382 amount of time you spend working on your business is to set clear specific goals and objectives, clear and specific plans and to organize your day so you can focus continually on repparttar 102383 most valuable uses of your time.

The clearer your are about your goals and objectivesrepparttar 102384 more focused and efficient you will be in achieving them. One trait that successful people have in common is they seem to get more done inrepparttar 102385 same amount of time asrepparttar 102386 people around them. They userepparttar 102387 minutes and hours of each day differently. They are more focused and productive and they get more done.

Studyrepparttar 102388 way you spend your time during a typical day.

1.What arerepparttar 102389 things that you need to do more of, sooner in order to improve repparttar 102390 quality of your business results? 2. What arerepparttar 102391 decisions that you have made inrepparttar 102392 past that have created repparttar 102393 problems you are currently dealing with today? Whatever they may be, immediately make new decisions that will take you in a new direction. 3. Gain control overrepparttar 102394 sequence of events in your life, business and future. What changes can you make immediately to improverepparttar 102395 quality of your business and your life? When you have written them down decide to work on those changes today.

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