"How To Double Your Business Income -- It's Easier Than You Think"

Written by Bob Leduc

The only way you can guaranteerepparttar long term growth and success of your business is to continually increaserepparttar 117725 amount of money coming in. There are only 3 ways you can increaserepparttar 117726 flow of money coming into your business:

1. Increase your number of customers (Get more new customers).

2. Increaserepparttar 117727 average dollar amount of each purchase (Get bigger sales).

3. Increaserepparttar 117728 frequency of purchases by your average customer (Get more repeat business).

You'll be amazed atrepparttar 117729 impact a small increase in each category can have on your total volume of business. Do you think you can increase each of these 3 categories by just 5% or 10% -- or maybe more? An increase of only 10% in each category will increase your total income by 33%. A 25% increase will almost double it. Look atrepparttar 117730 following illustration to see how this works:

Number of Average Purchases per Customers x Purchase x Per Customer = Total Income

500 x $30.00 x 2 = $30,000

If you increase each category by only 10% you'll increase your total income by 33%...

550 x $33.00 x 2.2 = $39,930

Suppose you can increase each category by 25%...

625 x $37.50 x 2.5 = $58,594

A 25% increase in each category almost doubles your income

Apply these numbers to your business and do some experimenting. Most businesses find it impractical to increase all 3 categories by exactlyrepparttar 117731 same percentage. It's easier and less expensive to increaserepparttar 117732 average size of each purchase andrepparttar 117733 number of purchases than to get more new customers. For example, you can double your total income withrepparttar 117734 3 following increases:

20% more new customers 20% bigger sales 40% more repeat business

What has YOUR biz op done for you

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Think about it. What has your business opportunity done for you lately?

Are they REALLY helping you succeed online? Or did they just give you a free website and a bunch of hype?

The sad reality is that MILLIONS of people worldwide are waking up torepparttar fact that when they joined their latest biz op they did NOT enter into a working partnership with that company. That company either could't or wouldn't do what was necessary to assist them succeed.

What should this assistance consist of:

1) Excellent products. 2) A demonstrated help program. 3) Prospect leads 4) A demonstrated profit paradigm.

Excellent Products

What is your business opportunity offering? Is it something people have GOT to have? Arerepparttar 117724 products helpful? Valuable? Something that improves lives? Or is it, as is so oftenrepparttar 117725 case, somethingrepparttar 117726 world can very well do without.

Online business opportunites (like their offline cousins) don't seem to realize that companies grow because they offer something better than existed before, something people like and are willing to pay for.

Too many online opportunities fail this acid test. They offer things that are, at best, marginal; at worst, outright fraud.

Now take a look at what Worldprofit offers. Click here http://www.trafficcenter.com/properties

What you are seeing is an amazing line of fast- selling products which enable every business inrepparttar 117727 world and every entrepreneur worldwide to profit online.

Need a custom website? Worldprofit delivers!

Got no products or services to sell? Worldprofit has a complete, proven program packaged in their well-known e-properties.

A couple of key points: 1) Worldprofit has NO competitors for these products and 2)repparttar 117728 market for them is UNLIMITED!

A Demonstrated Help Program

One reason why so many people fail online is becauserepparttar 117729 business opportunities have a "sink or swim" mentality. If you make it, fine; if you don't make it, no big deal. Things are VERY different at Worldprofit.

Start by visiting http://www.worldprofit.com/esuccesstips

This isrepparttar 117730 most extensive online entrepreneur assistance center inrepparttar 117731 world, bar none!

What you see isrepparttar 117732 result of a complete and intelligent understanding about what entrepreneurs truly need to succeed online. It's a kind of "think tank" of proven advice, guidelines, information and step-by-step instructions, ALL geared to helping you make money online NOW!

Maybe it's because Worldprofit was founded by 3 people all of whom had some experience as instructors thatrepparttar 117733 company has become such a big investor in human potential and success. There is no "sink or swim" policy at Worldprofit. The company goes out of its way to give each Dealer, each Associate just what they need to succeed. It is then up to each of these people to do their homework and followrepparttar 117734 success directions which are regularly augmented and improved.

Prospect Leads

Joinrepparttar 117735 average biz op and how many leads do they have for you? Answer: ZERO, ZIP, NADA! Again, things are VERY different at Worldprofit. This is one company which understands that if you don't have a regular flow of prospect leads, you've got NOTHING. That's why they established Worldprofit Lead Source at http://www.worldprofitleadsource.com Go check it out.

What you're seeing isrepparttar 117736 smartest way to get prospect leads online.

Each prospect has filled outrepparttar 117737 form at http://www.worldprofitleadsource.com/information.cfm These are REAL people, looking for real opportunities.

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