How To Discover The Hidden Knowledge Inside Of You

Written by Dien Rice

When I was a kid, I loved to lie back inrepparttar grass, staring up towardsrepparttar 123867 sky.

Sometimes, while lying back, I'd stick my feet up inrepparttar 123868 air and look at my little feet withrepparttar 123869 clouds moving behind them. Then I'd pretend that I was walking acrossrepparttar 123870 sky. These are some ofrepparttar 123871 fun things we do as kids, and as we grow up we forget about this kind of magic...

Another thing I used to do was to look atrepparttar 123872 clouds and see what sort of shapes I could find.

Sometimes I'd see a bird of some kind, sometimes a boat floating acrossrepparttar 123873 sky, and sometimes I'd even see a person's profile... And countless other images!

These shapes are always inrepparttar 123874 sky. How long has it been since you looked? They are always there when there arerepparttar 123875 right kind of clouds - but - you don't see them unless you look for them.

It's likerepparttar 123876 talent and knowledge that's lurking inside of you. You have within you very useful knowledge which would be valuable to many other people. It's all based onrepparttar 123877 things you have done,repparttar 123878 experiences you have had. But most ofrepparttar 123879 time many of us think, "I don't know anything of value."

The truth is, it's like looking for shapes inrepparttar 123880 clouds. Unless you look for them, you won't see anything there. But once you start searching, you will discover that there are many meaningful shapes inrepparttar 123881 clouds, which until a moment ago were completely invisible.

What have been your experiences in life? I'm sure there have been plenty...


Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

A flower bud offers so much hope and expectation forrepparttar potentially beautiful bloom that is to follow. We watch it gently open its petals and bask inrepparttar 123866 warm sunshine ofrepparttar 123867 day. The fragrance fillsrepparttar 123868 air withrepparttar 123869 aroma of life and evenrepparttar 123870 night hours cannot fade its brilliant color and delicate details. But one dayrepparttar 123871 petals begin to fall one by one ontorepparttar 123872 ground. Our flower begins to fade in beauty but a miracle lies within. There deep inside inrepparttar 123873 very plant that brought it to fulfillment, there liesrepparttar 123874 future growth and possibility forrepparttar 123875 following year and more breath-taking delight in new growing seasons.

Well, life is so much like this flower. Babies and children truly delight us with their fresh newness and comical antics. As they search to knowrepparttar 123876 world around them, they can sometimes mess up ours. They spill, fall, fight, and grow. Our eyes deceive us as we don’t noticerepparttar 123877 evolving adult in that beautiful child. Our ears close to their endless chatter, and our feet get weary of following them and insuring their safety. Before long, and without any notice, they are young adults and capable of making decisions and following their own dreams.

We are adults for a longer time in our lives than we are children. How many times we long for those carefree days of letting each day bring on fun, joy, and total abandonment to whatever comes our way. As adults, we plan, schedule, and keep “to do” lists. We keeprepparttar 123878 world in motion and we clear a path forrepparttar 123879 future generations. Adults create products and innovations to make life easier, and more fulfilling. Bridges bring people and nations together, and bricks build homes and families. Cultures teach us to tolerate differences and history shows us what to avoid. Then, without any warning, we reach our golden years. Retirement from our jobs is as close as a heartbeat and we relinquishrepparttar 123880 heavy reins of industry and business torepparttar 123881 next generation of adults. It becomes our time to bask in our achievements or to remember, smile, and relishrepparttar 123882 memories. Whether our thoughts bringrepparttar 123883 good times orrepparttar 123884 bad, they all had a hand in formingrepparttar 123885 life we have andrepparttar 123886 thoughts we possess.

As senior citizens, our eyes may not be as bright as a child’s, but they still carry a vision. Our hands are not smooth and delicate,repparttar 123887 story of labor and hardship is etched in them forever. However, our words can still delight and bring joy torepparttar 123888 youngest ofrepparttar 123889 young and torepparttar 123890 current adult world. We have memories, successes and failures to relate. Our stories give insight into what was and what can be. Each day still has its challenges but also its rewards. The hours can be filled with what we enjoy, or they can be wiled away while we wait forrepparttar 123891 inevitable. Life goes on whether we like it or not. To choose not to enjoy what it has in store will just crimp our ability to continue growing and achieving self-satisfaction and self-esteem. We are who we are and that is what we have to work with. We can sit back or we can reach up. The choice all through life is ours and so arerepparttar 123892 rewards and consequences.

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