How To Develop Maximum Web Site Traffic

Written by Tim Urban

Most people approachrepparttar web passively. They put up a web site, They wait. Nothing happens. They complain. Or even, ridiculously, pull offrepparttar 125165 web, like it'srepparttar 125166 web's fault that 60 million people didn't drop by before breakfast. If you want traffic, you've got to work for traffic. That means developingrepparttar 125167 Traffic Attitude. This attitude consists ofrepparttar 125168 following parts: recognition thatrepparttar 125169 web doesn't promote itself andrepparttar 125170 determination to master web promotion. Make a decision to find every conceivable means of building your traffic, and use them all -- every single day! 1. Take Advantage of Free Classifieds Did you list today? Yesterday? The day before? If not, there's a problem right there. Why? Because you can get a steady stream of prospects. By working with these prospects properly you get a steady stream of qualified prospects and, ultimately, sales. The key? Developing titles that contain client-centered benefits. Also, make sure that your description further develops your title, while providing allrepparttar 125171 means necessary for your prospects to connect with you NOW. 2. Take Advantage of FFA Links Submitting your site to Free-For-All Link pages has become an even better way to advertise than inrepparttar 125172 recent past withrepparttar 125173 invent ofrepparttar 125174 Free Link Finder. This little program spidersrepparttar 125175 net based on search criteria you feed it .You simply give it a set of search criteria and set it loose. It aggressively seeks out places onrepparttar 125176 net that meet your criteria and adds your link! You can even download a FREE demo ofrepparttar 125177 Free Link Finder to see how this program works. 3. Take Advantage of Paid Links Everybody likesrepparttar 125178 free stuff, but there's something you should know. Advertising onrepparttar 125179 Internet is about placement - more precisely, where your ad is physically onrepparttar 125180 page, when a potential client visitsrepparttar 125181 website. That's why you should also use paid links. If you can afford it, go forrepparttar 125182 premium or "TOP ADS". These are usuallyrepparttar 125183 ads people see first. They pull 5 to 10 times as much traffic as free or "average ads". 4. Take Advantage of Per Inquiry Advertising

Message Boards: Promotion

Written by Richard Lowe

All right, now you've createdrepparttar best message board inrepparttar 125164 world (at least in your humble opinion). You've set it up and posted a few things and waited for herds of people to start contributing. You wait and wait. Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months, and still nobody visits your board. What's going on?

Something that is not obvious is that a message board must be promoted just like anything else onrepparttar 125165 internet. In other words, you have to let people know that your board exists and is interesting. I know it seems kind of strange ... you created your board in order to get people to come back to your web site, yet now you have to promote repparttar 125166 board as well?

The first thing you want to do is to link your board to your web site. I know it seems obvious, but still it interesting how many people forget this simple step. In addition,repparttar 125167 link must be in an obvious place, and it's wise to include it on every page of your site.

The next tasks is to start telling people aboutrepparttar 125168 existence ofrepparttar 125169 board. You are looking for contributors, especially early inrepparttar 125170 life ofrepparttar 125171 board. You want to find as many people as you can who will actually contribute torepparttar 125172 community that you are trying to build.

A good place to start is to lurk in other message boards, newsgroups and email discussion lists with similar subjects. Readrepparttar 125173 messages, then start posting your own to get established as someone who is knowledgeable onrepparttar 125174 subject. You should start to determine who is active inrepparttar 125175 board, perhaps make a few friends and gain some respect.

You can tactfully invite people to contribute to your own board. Personally, I think it's very tacky to issue invitations in other boards, newsgroups and discussion lists. I believe it is more preferable to invite people one-on-one in personal emails. Posting an invitation to a board is a great way to getrepparttar 125176 board members to dislike you ... and do it often enough and they may eject you entirely.

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