How To Design A Web Site

Written by Murray Hughes

I'm not a professional web site designer and openly admit there is a lot that I don't know. But if you're a beginner I probably know more than you do, sorepparttar listen up.

Rather than give a lengthy dissertation on web design I have broken it down intorepparttar 136311 following points:

Keep your navigation bars either atrepparttar 136312 top or left ofrepparttar 136313 page (a recent tip I heard is: by puttingrepparttar 136314 nav bar onrepparttar 136315 right ofrepparttar 136316 screen it appears below your site content inrepparttar 136317 html code and therefore will be read byrepparttar 136318 SE spiders last). You can clearly see my navigation bar onrepparttar 136319 left of every page at

Have your navigation bars visible on every page unless its a sales page, in which case you don't want them to go anywhere else.

Divide your navigation bar into related groups of links for easier navigation.

Have you company name and logo inrepparttar 136320 top left or top middle ofrepparttar 136321 page.

Keeprepparttar 136322 theme of your site standard throughout. Don't use different fonts on different pages or mix fonts onrepparttar 136323 same page without a good reason for doing so. A constant theme also includesrepparttar 136324 color of unvisited, active and visited links.

Keep your use of colors to no more than about 5-7 different colors per page (less if you can).

Include a site map which lists every page. Good for your visitors and site maps make it very easy for search engines to spider your site.

Search Engine Optimization for Everyone

Written by Sherry Holub

There are many facets to SEO andrepparttar search engines continually change their methods of indexing sites to help preventrepparttar 136053 same sites from staying up inrepparttar 136054 ranks allrepparttar 136055 time.

Here are some strategies we have personally used with our web design firm:

1) Google AdWords. This is an excellent and cost effective method of getting good search results. You setrepparttar 136056 maximum daily amount you would like to spend on your key words and phrases. Withinrepparttar 136057 first month we were getting more client contacts through using AdWords.

2) Overture Keywords. A lot like AdWords, but we found that their system did not really allow you to set a daily limit to how much you wanted to spend and it quickly got out of hand with some ofrepparttar 136058 phrases we had chosen! Still, pretty cost effective inrepparttar 136059 grand scheme of things.

3) Yahoo Regional Directories. Once you are able to get your site indexed byrepparttar 136060 Yahoo Regional Directories, I think you stay in there for good! We've been in there for years now and continue to get clients who found us through this directory. (And it is free to submit your site)

4) Keywords / Description / Alt Tags / Title Tags / Page Content. Allrepparttar 136061 big SEO companies rely heavily on these 5 things - all of which are contained inrepparttar 136062 code of your web pages. However, with a little research, you could do these yourself (or have it done by your web designer). A few great tools to help you with this task are: Overture Keyword Selector Tool (, Google Suggestion Tool (, Meta Tag Analyzer (, and Keyword Density Analyzer (

The main benefit to hiring a professional SEO company is that they work for you to constantly update your keywords, etc. and submit your URL to search engines. They know exactly how many of each keyword to use, etc. And this is often a service worth paying for if optimization is a real concern in your industry. A good SEO company will also stay up on whatrepparttar 136063 search engines are doing and change their tactics accordingly. They will also never use an "illegal" tactics that could get you banned fromrepparttar 136064 search engine. Be wary of companies that "guarantee top 10 placement". I recommend

5) Online Directories. Submitting your website URL to free online directories is a great avenue of promotion. One way you can find directories is to use Google or another search engine and type in "(type of your business) online directories". Some that come up may ask for a small amount to list your site. If they do, you should always contact them and ask them for more information such as how many unique visits their directories get per month to see ifrepparttar 136065 price is a good value.

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