"How To Decide What To Sell on Your Web Site"

Written by Milana Nastetskaya

When you decide to start an online business,repparttar most important decision to make is what to sell. There are three types of products you can sell on your web site:

1. Hard goods

- produce something yourself - become a reseller for another company - examples: jewelry, booklets, clothes

2. Services

- can you do something better than others? - can you perform a service that others are willing to pay for? - examples: graphic design, business consulting, research, translation

3. Electronic product

- develop it yourself - obtainrepparttar 117792 rights to it - examples: software, e-book, tutorial, newsletter

In deciding what to sell consider how much money you can afford to invest into your business, what is in demand and most likely to bring you profit, and what your passions are.

Obviously,repparttar 117793 most money-demanding business isrepparttar 117794 one selling hard goods. There is inventory to keep, materials to purchase, contracts to sign and so on.

Winning the Home Business Jackpot

Written by Donna Schwartz Mills

Well, once again I *did not* winrepparttar California Lottery.

I can always tell when things are going well in my life, because I don't daydream about getting rich quick. When I was working outsiderepparttar 117791 home full time, I found myself buying tickets every week and checkingrepparttar 117792 lottery website on a daily basis. I was simply unhappy with that job and desperate to quit to stay home with my daughter.

These days, I have a business I enjoy and I rarely noticerepparttar 117793 lottery... except when business is slow, which can be expected from time to time, especially when you're a one-woman operation.

Since Memorial Day, traffic for my website has plummeted by about 40% and revenues are bound to follow. This is probably a natural occurrence tied in torepparttar 117794 fact that my audience is made up of moms with children who are now home from school, so they have less time to surfrepparttar 117795 Internet. It happened last year, I expected it to happen this year, and tried to budget for it... butrepparttar 117796 buzz aboutrepparttar 117797 economy got my mind thinking about a quick solution, and whenrepparttar 117798 jackpot hit $141 million a few weeks ago, I bought myself a $1 fantasy.

Needless to say, I am one dollar poorer and still looking for ways to get over my seasonal hump, and you may be, too.

It is tempting to step back business activities dramatically and take a long vacation. This makes sense - but only to a point. By all means, slow your pace and enjoy time with your family - that's why we're working from home inrepparttar 117799 first place. But don't neglect your long-term goals... because just as a summer downturn is a predictable occurrence, September is only just aroundrepparttar 117800 corner and back to school startsrepparttar 117801 busiest selling season ofrepparttar 117802 year. Ignore your business and marketing plans and you risk having to play catch-up and losing profits.

So what should we be doing this summer to stay on track? Here are some suggestions to help you 'have your barbecue and eat it, too:'

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