How To Cure "Invisible Website Syndrome"

Written by Robin Porter

A new "virus" is sweepingrepparttar Internet. It strikes by stealth at a websites profits and it could be crippling yours. It's called "Invisible Website Syndrome" (or IWS) and renders it's victims practically invisible onrepparttar 119396 world wide web.

The rise of IWS is attributed torepparttar 119397 shear volume of webpages available online - now well over 2 Billion. Once, website visibility was not an issue - now it's a major headache.

There are 5 steps to dealing with IWS:

1. Recogniserepparttar 119398 symptoms 2. Test for it 3. Recognise you are a sufferer 4. Takerepparttar 119399 medicine & commit to recover 5. Immunise against future outbreaks

1.Recogniserepparttar 119400 symptoms

Lack of "hits" and lacklustre profits arerepparttar 119401 most common symptoms. These are caused byrepparttar 119402 website appearing to be invisible to anyone searching for it's products, services or content, due to disastrous search engine rankings. Consequently, potential customers are lost torepparttar 119403 competition.

2. Test for it If you think you haverepparttar 119404 symptoms, then confirm by testing. Go from search engine to search engine, carrying out searches using keywords or phrases that your potential customers would use. Use those words or phrases that identify your products, services or subject matter - but not your company or website name itself. If you are well downrepparttar 119405 rankings, with many competitors "weighing in" above you, then your website is a sufferer. If you don't haverepparttar 119406 time, a quick check method is to use a free visibility testing service (such as our own free visibility report - see below)

eb Legalities: Linking

Written by Richard Lowe

A link isrepparttar address of a web page which is maintained on a page which allows you to jump torepparttar 119395 new web page. One ofrepparttar 119396 great things about HTML andrepparttar 119397 world wide web is this ability to link sites together. This results inrepparttar 119398 internet truly becoming a web, andrepparttar 119399 benefits torepparttar 119400 surfer are tremendous.

It is normal for virtually every site onrepparttar 119401 web to maintain a list of links to "favorite", "featured" or "special" places to visit. This is almost never done with permission, nor does it need to be.

Remember that we are discussing linking to pages on other web sites, not graphics, zip files, sound files or anything else. Only HTML-style pages are acceptable for cross-linking. Linking to other types of media files is called bandwidth stealing and is highly unethical. Also remember, do not link to other people's CGI routines without permission.

There is some concern overrepparttar 119402 acceptableness of this linking behavior. Some commercial sites are not happy with linking because it bypasses their "home page" or sidesteps their advertising. There is even some discussion that linking is a trademark infringement or violates some other sacred rights.

This is all silly talk by people and organizations who completely misunderstandrepparttar 119403 nature ofrepparttar 119404 world wide web. The best practice of everyone creating a site is to complete ignore this asinine discussion totally and to link vigorously and constantly.

In my opinionrepparttar 119405 best way to think of linking is to associate it withrepparttar 119406 "fair use" laws. These arerepparttar 119407 laws which allow people to include short quotes from published and copyrighted works in their own materials. This is not illegal or unethical - in fact it is absolutely necessary. Imagine how difficult it would be for a college student to write a term paper if he could not quote authors, or how impossible it would be for a critic to do his job if he could not include a few lines fromrepparttar 119408 work he was writing about.

Fair use is something that comes under attack by dimwits sometimes. It is essential that we,repparttar 119409 people, constantly userepparttar 119410 fair use laws, as if they become unused then they will become illegal. We must defend our rights to quote and "borrow" snippets from other sources.

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