How To Create and Send HTML Newsletters

Written by John Jantsch

Copyright 2005 John Jantsch

Every now and then a subscriber will ask how I create my newsletter. Fortunately, this request is done in conjunction with a complement I humbly accept. So, I decided to dedicate an entire issue torepparttar creation of an HTML (web page looking) ezine. This wonít serve asrepparttar 150370 only technical guide you will ever need to read to create stunning HTML newsletters but, I hope it will serve as a mid-level introduction torepparttar 150371 ins and outs of this powerful tool.

It is my hope that past issues extollingrepparttar 150372 virtues of an online newsletter or ezine as one ofrepparttar 150373 crucial marketing tools has already convinced you to pursue this vehicle Ė todayís lesson, then, will show you how to getrepparttar 150374 most from your ezine.

What is an HTML Newsletter?

An HTML Newsletter is a newsletter delivered via email that looks very much like a web page. The reason for this is very simple Ė itís created usingrepparttar 150375 same code language, HTML, as a web page.

The obvious advantage of this format over text is a stylish presentation. Of course, you know Iím not one to get too hung up on style alone. This presentation has proven over and over again to deliver much greater results in terms of readership, comprehension, interest and, ultimately, sales and clients.

How Do Your Create Them?

There really are two components to an HTML email newsletter. One isrepparttar 150376 designed page andrepparttar 150377 other is distribution ofrepparttar 150378 page as email. You can createrepparttar 150379 pages yourself and use a distribution service (that is what I do) or you can use one ofrepparttar 150380 many all-in-one email newsletter services that use templates and distribute your email for you.

The pros of doing it yourself are that you getrepparttar 150381 most custom look possible and it is generally much less expensive. The benefit of using a service is that you donít need to know how to create an HTML page. You simply fill in templates. For this reasonrepparttar 150382 services are more expensive.

Creating an HTML newsletter is not really that difficult. (Obviously youíve got to have something to say but for this lesson Iím concentrating on form alone.) If you already know how to create a web page and can use web page creation programs such as Microsoft FrontPage or Dreamweaver or HomeSite you are 90% home.

To create an HTML newsletter you simply create a web page and then uploadrepparttar 150383 code from that page to your distribution service.

Some crucial tips:

If you already know how to create HTML pages you should be aware of some unique aspects of creating HTML to deliver via email. (If you use a service, most of these tips will be built in.)

An "Outside The Box" Way To Get An Extra 108,160 Hits A Year

Written by Ronald Gibson

Copyright 2005 Ronald Gibson

As webmasters, we are always looking to boost link popularity and get extra traffic to our websites. Here is an "outsiderepparttar box" method that will accomplish both of those goals atrepparttar 150340 same time.

Most of you have seen those little award graphics on web sites. I know that I have seen a few of them. They are given torepparttar 150341 web site by another web site or award association to rewardrepparttar 150342 web site for a specific reason. They usually link right torepparttar 150343 site that has givenrepparttar 150344 award.

These award sites are drawing tons of traffic to their own web site. The reason is because allrepparttar 150345 web sites who getrepparttar 150346 awards are linking right back to them by postingrepparttar 150347 award on their web site.

What is stopping you from offering other awards to other web sites? You could design a graphic forrepparttar 150348 award. The graphic could include something that will draw them to your web site. Have an online form at your web site so other people can enter to qualify forrepparttar 150349 award. You then judge allrepparttar 150350 entrees and pick a winner. You give themrepparttar 150351 award graphic with a link included. They post it on their web site and now they're linking your web site.

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