How To Create An Organized Filing System

Written by Ilene Drexler



No one filing system works for everyone. Inrepparttar end,repparttar 125449 test of a good filing system is being able to find something when you need it. However, there are two basic recommended set-up alternatives:

• Establish categories for like items by subject (e.g., Hobbies) • Establish an index based system with files identified numerically by item (e.g., File 1=Document 1)

You can chooserepparttar 125450 method that makesrepparttar 125451 most intuitive sense to you. People who have trouble categorizing may feel more comfortable withrepparttar 125452 indexing approach.

Regardless of which type of system you choose, if you feel overwhelmed about where to start, pick a group of papers in any pile. It does not matter where you start… just need to start with a manageable subset of paper.

Active vs. Historic Files

Active files are those which you must access regularly. Historic files are those that it is unlikely you will need to access, but which you must keep for record retention purposes (i.e., tax files).

Your inactive files should not be kept in your active file space, if file cabinet space is limited. These files can be stored in boxes in an out ofrepparttar 125453 way location (since you should not be accessing these files regularly). To create your active files, followrepparttar 125454 steps outlined below.


Step 1 Sort & Discard

Review your papers and discard any papers you no longer need to keep. If you feel unsure about discarding an item, in order to makerepparttar 125455 decision easier, ask yourself what’srepparttar 125456 worst thing that could happen if you throw it away? It helps to put things in perspective.

When you decide to keep a paper, sortrepparttar 125457 paper into various categories/piles. Use post-it notes to labelrepparttar 125458 top page of each pile until a permanent file location/category name is established later.

Use categories that are broad for sorting. For example, if you have lots of information on various leisure interests, you can create a hanging file called “Leisure” (vs. creating a hanging file for every type of leisure topic in your papers).

If you have a major hobby such as photography, for which you collect a lot of information, create a separate hanging folder named “Photography”. This makes more sense (so thatrepparttar 125459 “leisure” file won’t become too unwieldy).

You can create multiple interior file folders that reside withinrepparttar 125460 hanging file folder, each labeled withrepparttar 125461 category sub-topic. This makes it easier to search by sub-topic. For example, withinrepparttar 125462 “Leisure” hanging file category you might have file folders forrepparttar 125463 sub-categories of Art, Music & Reading.

Step 2: Determine Quantity Files Needed

Once you are finished sorting, count and double checkrepparttar 125464 number of “piles” you have to keep. The number of piles equalsrepparttar 125465 number of hanging file folders you will need for your active files. You should buy a minimum ofrepparttar 125466 same number of interior file folders to insert insiderepparttar 125467 hanging file folders (more if you will have some categories with multiple sub-topics).

Step 3: Identifying/Labeling The Files Create a set of hanging file folders and associated interior file folder(s) for each pile and its sub-categories.

In order to maintainrepparttar 125468 transition from active to historic status atrepparttar 125469 end of each year,repparttar 125470 interior files should be labeled by subject and current year (e.g., Life Insurance 2004). This dating approach is best for those categories that involve monthly statements or bills.

For your hanging folders that do contain dated material, it is best to keep static papers that don’t change from year to year in front ofrepparttar 125471 interior folders (e.g.,repparttar 125472 life insurance policy versusrepparttar 125473 quarterly invoices). This will make it easy to transition files from active to historical status at year end.

Step 4: Estimate file cabinet size

Once you putrepparttar 125474 appropriate papers inrepparttar 125475 files, you can get a sense of how many file cabinet drawers you will need. Using a single “Bankers Box” (heavy corrugated storage box) to standrepparttar 125476 files up to measurerepparttar 125477 inches in depth needed is very helpful. These boxes are available at office supply stores, and also will serve later for inactive storage purposes).

How To Market Your Home For A Quick Sale and High Price

Written by Neeraj Varma

Marketing can be one ofrepparttar most frustrating things to do when you are selling your home without a realtor. Here is a quick checklist to help you:

1. After you have prepared your house for sale, Take a fresh look at allrepparttar 125448 good and bad features of your house and put it in writing.

2. Next, prepare a list of justrepparttar 125449 good features andrepparttar 125450 benefit you have enjoyed from them overrepparttar 125451 years. Write these out...benefits followed by features. People are attracted torepparttar 125452 "sizzle", notrepparttar 125453 steak. Benefits are your sizzle. People buy benefits, not features, so getrepparttar 125454 benefits of your house clear in your mind.

Give this "sizzle list" to everyone who comes to look atrepparttar 125455 house, post it inrepparttar 125456 local community centre, put it in allrepparttar 125457 mailboxes in a four block radius, put a few in allrepparttar 125458 shops inrepparttar 125459 neighbourhood.

3. Develop an "ideal buyer"profile of who would be interested in buying your house. People living in an area often have similar characteristics. Describerepparttar 125460 age, occupation, income, lifestyle interests and pet peeves. Put all this in writing.

4. Userepparttar 125461 benefit-feature list to write an ad for your "ideal" buyer. Targetrepparttar 125462 headline so it stops your IDEAL buyer dead in their tracks! Then use a strong opening line to bring them in torepparttar 125463 body copy where you describe your house. Always end with a call to action. Make it easy forrepparttar 125464 buyer to reach you to ask quesitons or for a showing.

Writing powerful ads that work takes practice. Take your time in writing and re-writing several ads. You could easily blow away your money on ads that don't get you a buyer. For detailed instructions on gettingrepparttar 125465 most from your ads and pre-written ads that are proven to get results go to: secrets

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