How To Create A Winning Impression In Your New Job

Written by Gerard McLoughlin

Congratulations! You've just been appointed to your new job. Nowrepparttar real work begins.

It is important fromrepparttar 150657 beginning to convince your new employers that, in selecting you, they have maderepparttar 150658 right choice.

* Demonstrate that you are highly-motivated and eager to get started.

* Discuss your duties and responsibilities; and establish your priorities. Set challenging, but achievable, short-term and long-term goals.

* To enable you to fit in quickly, find out as much you can about your company and its organisational structure.

* Identifyrepparttar 150659 most successful and highly valued people inrepparttar 150660 firm and analyserepparttar 150661 reasons for their success. Use them as your role models. Associate with colleagues who are perceived as ideal employees.

* Prepare carefully for meetings with your boss. Try to anticipate questions and be ready with positive and considered responses. Make sure you are always well-informed. Keep up to date on current issues.

How To Prepare For A Telephone Interview

Written by Gerard McLoughlin

It is important to prepare thoroughly for your telephone interview.

Begin by studyingrepparttar job description andrepparttar 150656 candidate profile. This will enable you to identifyrepparttar 150657 company's particular needs and demonstrate that you possessrepparttar 150658 skills required to meet them.

Find out all you can aboutrepparttar 150659 company's products, services, history, and culture. Make a special effort to identify any areas where your skills and experience may be of particular value.

Familiarize yourself withrepparttar 150660 company's website and be prepared to comment constructively upon it if asked.

Prepare a list matching your accomplishments torepparttar 150661 company's stated requirements. Keep this list in front of you duringrepparttar 150662 interview and refer to it at every opportunity.

Specify and quantify your accomplishments, e.g. 'increased sales by 35%' or 'reduced overheads by 27%'.

Interviewers are keen to hear about relevant challenges or problems you faced inrepparttar 150663 workplace,repparttar 150664 specific actions you took, andrepparttar 150665 measurable results you achieved. They seek to identify key competencies such as communication skills, analytical skills, teamwork, drive and initiative. Be prepared to give examples of how and when you have demonstrated these key competencies.

To getrepparttar 150666 feel of being interviewed overrepparttar 150667 phone, compile a list of probable questions and ask a friend use them in a simulated phone interview. Prepare your answers carefully, using key words and phrases fromrepparttar 150668 job description and candidate profile. Do not attempt to write out your answers in full or they will sound wooden and scripted.

Select a quiet place where you will not be disturbed duringrepparttar 150669 phone call. Keep your resume and cover letter, a copy ofrepparttar 150670 job advertisement, and your notes in front of you. Jot down key points throughoutrepparttar 150671 course ofrepparttar 150672 interview.

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