How To Create A Sales-Pulling Order Page!

Written by Larry Dotson

Have you ever been at an order page, ready to enter your order information and...

You were suddenly interrupted and never did end up ordering?

You hesitated ordering because you would have to stop and go find your credit card?

You put offrepparttar purchase because you had too much time to think "I really can't afford it right now, I'll wait?

You procrastinated thinking I can order it later and never did?

Like you, I've done all these things at least once. Your selling shouldn't stop at your ad copy, it should continue to your order page. Nothing is for sure until they clickrepparttar 127276 little "buy now" button.

Here are seven ways to accomplish this:

1. You could offer extra bonus products on your order page. This will enhance your product's overall perceived value.

2. You could summarize your total offer on your order page. Repeat allrepparttar 127277 major benefits, features and bonuses they will receive.

Sell More By Putting Your Prospects In A Trance!

Written by Larry Dotson

A trance is when you are strongly and continually focused on a feeling, thought, vision, mood, emotion or idea. Usually it takes repetitive actions by a person to gain your attention. You have likely been in a trance at least a few times this week.

Haven't you ever been reading a book, watching TV or listening to music and your parent or friend said something like "Are you ignoring me?, I've asked you three times what you wanted to eat for dinner?" And you say something like "No, I was just watching this really cool show on sharks".

See, you have been in a trance plenty of times and didn't even know it. Just think how many products you could sell if you could put your prospects in a trance? Well you can, if you follow these very important steps.

First, you have to give them a feeling, thought, vision, mood, emotion or idea they will focus on. This can be accomplished by using an appealing headline or visual. Now, any one can have thoughts and still be able to concentrate on other things.

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