How To Create A Profitable Affiliate Program In 72 Hours--OR LESS

Written by Bill Nieporte

Associate Program (APs--also called Affiliate Programs and Reseller Programs) are amongrepparttar hottest moneymaking opportunities available onrepparttar 102654 Internet today. Easy to join, you can be up and running within an hour.

Success inrepparttar 102655 AP marketplace is not certain. Like any other business venture--AP marketing success takes time, effort, and a certain amount of investment before you receive a profitable return.

Several articles have been written inrepparttar 102656 last six months about how to build a successful Associate Program business. In fact, I've written one of these articles [you can request a copy of "Developing a Strategy That Will Earn You $3000.00 From Associate Programs!" at mailto:earn$].

One subject that hasn't been addressed is howrepparttar 102657 average person can get an affiliate program up and running with a minimal investment. Inrepparttar 102658 next few moments I am going to show you exactly how you can set up an affiliate program in less than 72 hours. Withrepparttar 102659 exception of product development or acquisition, your expense will be less than $100.00!

As a bonus, your bookkeeping responsibilities are going to be limited. You see a third party, for a very minimal processing fee, will do payment processing and affiliate recording keeping.

Ready to learn how to make some money? Great! Let's do it!


What are you going to be selling?

For starters, you will need a product or service that can be delivered almost immediately viarepparttar 102660 Internet! Your options here are not as limited as you may think. Perhaps you publish a newsletter and want to increase your advertising revenue. Maybe you've written an e-book and would like to earn some extra $$$ for all your hard work. If you are a programmer, you might have a handy software tool that you'd like to share withrepparttar 102661 masses. It could be that you ownrepparttar 102662 reprint rights to somebody else's product and would like to sell these and start earning some income!

Forrepparttar 102663 purposes of this illustration, I have created an affiliate program for selling advertising space in my Ezine, *The Success In Life Newsletter."

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There are hundreds of other authors/programmers who provide resell rights for their products. You've just got to takerepparttar 102664 time to findrepparttar 102665 RIGHT ONE. Unless you've got a product in hand right now, it could take a day or two to find something that you want to resell. But it will be worthrepparttar 102666 effort.

(Please note that I am making NO promises as to how much money you will make selling this product. I am offering this simply to illustrate how quickly and easily you can set up your very own affiliate program. When you've finished with this little project, you'll be able to repeat this technique for ANY PRODUCT OR SERVICE you want to market.)

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Now that you have a product (or at least know what to look for) it is time for...

Affiliate Programs

Written by Bob Osgoodby

Overrepparttar years, affiliate programs have grown in popularity, and today there are literally millions of people involved. While some are doing very well in these programs, others are not. Hasrepparttar 102653 saturation point been reached, and this is no longer a viable approach? Let's discuss this a bit.

There are affiliate programs, and then again there are affiliate programs. Some are good, and others you may wish to avoid. Before you pick one, realize thatrepparttar 102654 web is loaded with these programs, and you are not only competing withrepparttar 102655 other programs, you are also competing with those that have joined yours.

But don't be ready to throw inrepparttar 102656 towel. The prospects are out there, and growing daily as more and more people joinrepparttar 102657 web. It does however require that you do your homework before jumping in with both feet.

Isrepparttar 102658 company you are considering reputable? This is important. How long hasrepparttar 102659 company been in "pre-launch"? Some have been in this phase for much too long thatrepparttar 102660 odds are they will never get started. Talk with others who are already involved to ensure thatrepparttar 102661 company is onrepparttar 102662 up and up. Are they are getting paid on a timely basis? If you don't feel comfortable with a particular company, look for another.

You are going to be spending a lot of time promotingrepparttar 102663 program, and sinking some of your hard earned money into advertising it. First examine what you are currently involved with. If you already have your own web site; and if you don't why not, try to pick affiliate programs that are compatible with what you are already doing.

Many people will recommend that you get involved with one, and only one, and that you put all your effort into promoting it. While there is merit to this way of thinking, if you can get involved with programs that complement each other, you can dorepparttar 102664 promotion on your web site with little extra effort. Someone may visit your site as a result of your ad for a particular program. Many times however, they will also buy into another program you are promoting. But don't get involved with so many that your site is simply cluttered up, and has no discernable purpose.

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