How To Create A Money Making eBook In 6 Simple Steps

Written by Jordan Williams

"How to Create A Money Making eBook in 6 Simple Steps"

The ebook market is in a craze right now and I’m sure that you want to get in on it, butrepparttar problem is thatrepparttar 108399 market is flooded with ideas on how to do it right. In fact there are so many opinions on how to make money with selling ebooks that you might feel a little lost. I know that with my own experience I would follow one path of advice for a little while only to find a dead end. Uhgg! Talk about frustration! So what I decided to do is to outline in just 6 simple steps how you can create a money-making ebook that really works.

Step 1: Choose Your Subject

Before you do anything you need to find a subject to write about. In order for your ebook to be popular it needs to be a subject that people are truly interested in. To find a good subject requires some research on your part. is a good place to start. At Amazon you can find which books arerepparttar 108400 best sellers, which will tell you what subjects people are dying to read about. Also you could try Wordtracker ( At Wordtracker you can find out whatrepparttar 108401 most popular terms or phrases that people are searching for onrepparttar 108402 internet. Once you know your subject then you’ll have a foundation to work with and once you have researched your subject then writingrepparttar 108403 actual ebook will come naturally.

Step 2: Make It Look Professional

I’m sure that you have heardrepparttar 108404 saying that image is everything. Well that is definitely true with selling ebooks. People like imagery that uses all their senses (Being able to see it, touch it, and etc…). Unfortunately when a person views your ebook they can only use one sense,repparttar 108405 sense of sight. To overcome that obstacle, you need to make your ebook as real as possible to them. It will help tremendously if you have a professional graphic image of an ebook cover. People relate to pictures and studies indicate that by just having a picture of your ebook can increase sales by 300%! In order to appear professional you need to make sure that your ebook cover looks attractive. Try to avoidrepparttar 108406 pitfall of using generic, free ebook covers. It will make you look cheap and could impact sales negatively. The service that I use is Dynamite Covers ( They create professional looking ebook covers at reasonable prices.

Step 3: Give It Away For Free

I know that you are probably scratching your head right about now because you’re thinking, “How can I make money by giving it away for free?” Butrepparttar 108407 truth is, that in order to have an ebook that sells well, you first need exposure and name recognition onrepparttar 108408 internet. Once you have that then people will have confidence that you really know what you’re talking about. The best way to accomplish this is to make an ebook with useful content that you can give away for free. Of course you don’t want to give away all your secrets so make sure that you have tantalizing tidbits that will make people just curious enough to visit your web site and purchase your product.

How to Make Money Online Selling Other People's Stuff

Written by Anthony Pepi

There are many ways to make money onrepparttar internet, butrepparttar 108398 method that I use is selling other people’s stuff online! The way in which I go about doing this is I DO NOT promote my affiliation link (eg. ). This is simply because no one will purchaserepparttar 108399 product. Why you say? Becauserepparttar 108400 person selling is only trying to make money andrepparttar 108401 consumer knows this. Now, you’re probably wondering ‘Ifrepparttar 108402 consumer knows I’m trying to sell my product and won’t buy from me, how am I ever going to make a sale?’ You can do this by either promoting a link which redirects to your affiliate link withoutrepparttar 108403 knowledge ofrepparttar 108404 person OR you can design a website torepparttar 108405 specific product. To my understanding and belief, designing a website is much easier as you have tremendous advertising limits. In simple terms, a website gives great number of ways to advertise your website (eg. Search engines, ppc, etc.) And also lets you track where your visitors are coming from. There are many forms of advertising but most of them cost money and hardly produce any sort of sales. Can you guess which form of advertising is very effective and best of all FREE? Your looking at it, writing up newsletters like this and sending them off too webmasters and other sorts of classifieds. You may be thinking ‘Why would anyone want my article?’ First of all, webmasters love these articles. I have even had webmasters come back to me and ask if I could write up anymore articles for them. Why do they do want more articles? Because it increases their search engine rankings by providing visitors to their site. After they place your article on their website, a portion of their visitors will visit your site. Once you have placed your article out on allrepparttar 108406 websites you can find, your traffic will dramatically increase and so will your search engine rankings. And thus Sales!!

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