How To Create A Great Landing Page For Your Website

Written by Evelyn Lim

The landing page or entry page of your visitors isrepparttar most important page to your website. This page is likely to be your home page if you happen to be promoting your website more often than your other sub-directory pages as in

Your visitor, who happens to be a very busy individual, is not very likely to stay for more than a minute if you fail to capture his attention once he lands on your website. When your visitor lands on your page, he or she is likely to haverepparttar 140793 thought “What is in it for me?” You must be able to capture his or her attention on what is immediately visible before he or spends more time browsing your website.

So what information you put aboverepparttar 140794 fold is crucial. Aboverepparttar 140795 fold means what appears onrepparttar 140796 screen inrepparttar 140797 browser, withoutrepparttar 140798 need for your visitor to scroll down or torepparttar 140799 right of your sales page.

Here are 6 easy ways to create and improve on your landing page:

1. Consider having an opt-in box or box to capture your visitor’s email contact onrepparttar 140800 entry page.

It is recommended to have an opt-in box at all cost. Statistics show that your online customer needs to visit your website at least 7 times of exposure before he or she purchases anything. Therefore, your single most important job is to capture his or her contact information. You can then maintain email contact and remind him or her to visit your website again.

2. Make your opt-in box visible. Some examples on how to make it visible include:

*Choose a background colour forrepparttar 140801 subscription box to make it stand out. You are in fact, creating a visual to draw your visitor’s eyes torepparttar 140802 opt-in box.

How To Make The Online Sales Copy For Your Website More Conversational

Written by Evelyn Lim

It has been said thatrepparttar best online sales copy is one that talks to your prospect as if you are in together in a conversation.

But for some of my subscribers to my newsletter, they find it difficult to accomplish. They say that it is hard to “talk on paper”. How can this be? My guess is thatrepparttar 140792 training in school did not provide much opportunity to practice on writing a conversational piece of work.

Another guess is that there are tons of articles by copywriting experts on writing screaming headlines but less help is available on how to makerepparttar 140793 rest of your sales copy sound conversational.

The solution that I propose is to speak to a recorder and have what is recorded transcribed. Having said that, here are 30 short phrases that can possibly help you connect ideas on your sales letter into one flowing conversation:

1.Are you kidding? 2.Just imagine… 3.What does this all mean for you? 4.Don’t you agree? 5.The tip ofrepparttar 140794 iceberg is…. 6.Here is what’s in store for you… 7.Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax. Inrepparttar 140795 next 5 minutes, let me share with you…..

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