How To Create A Blog

Written by Sean Felker

A blog is an online diary or as some people call them a weblog. They can be about any topic you would like to comment on. Setting up a blog can seem to be a very difficult task forrepparttar non techie type out there. They(the techie types) talk about MYSQL, PHP and you need a reader to read a blog in. Then they say u gotta pingrepparttar 138835 blog.

Is that a new mixed drink or something ? We talk to our children and they look at us as if we come from another planet.

All I want to do is blog.

My Dad being basically computer illiterate a short time ago. HMM I still think he is but I wont say it to often in this house. I wrote these instructions for him and he had had no major problems setting up a blog.

The easiest way to start a blog in my opinion and you may wish to differ ;-) are detaled inrepparttar 138836 following steps:

You will need a reader to readrepparttar 138837 blog you make or someone elses that you subscribe to.

The 1st step is an easy way to get a reader that allows rss feeds to be pulled to your My page.

1. Go to and create a my yahoo page. If you have one already go to step 2.

Get your website viewed today

Written by Ratliff J

If you have a website, chances are you would like to increase your traffic. Well, I have a few simple steps to make this easier.

#1. Write related articles and post them directly on your website for viewing. Make sure they are "search engine friendly".

#2. Submitrepparttar same articles to places such as and other free web publishing websites.

#3. Use an autoresponder to create a mailing list so people can sign up and getrepparttar 138773 latest article automatically.

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