How To Cop An Attitude With An Overzealous Hostess

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

We all encounter those hosts and hostesses who feel it is their duty to make us eat whatever their specialty is and generate a sense of guilt if we do not flatter their creation by stuffing ourselves with it, regardless of our weight control plans and weight loss goals. Here are some nice ways to decline her offering.

For example's sake, we will use her justly famous (but horrendously caloric) cheesecake.

10 Nice Ways to Decline:

1. Thanks, but I came to enjoy your company, not your cheesecake.

2. I'll trade everything on that plate for a cup of your incomparable coffee.

3. Before I eat anything, I'd love to see your new vacation pictures.

4. This time I'm really losing weight so I can't break down, even though I know how delicious your cheesecake always is.

5. Thanks, but no thanks.

6. Thanks, but I'm on a mission - to thin-dom.

7. It looks too good to eat . . . I'd hate to spoil it.

8. I'm on a very strict diet that unfortunately bans your terrific cheesecake.

9. I already filled up on your wonderful dinner, perhaps next time.

10. Wow, that looks gorgeous but it just isn't something I'm allowed right now.

When these don't work (and they won't), bring onrepparttar big guns -repparttar 137412 declinations that ensure your hostess will not continue to press you further but may actually retreat torepparttar 137413 other side ofrepparttar 137414 room to bug someone else.

Momma Said: Keep Your Fingers Out Of Your Mouth

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

Watching television exercises our eyes but nothing else. Unfortunately, it doesn't require us to do anything with our hands which leaves them free to grab something to eat. Then there arerepparttar food and restaurant commercials where everything is colorful and perfectly cooked. Don't even think about watching a cooking show:repparttar 137383 temptation to snack or get up and cook is totally irresistible.

How can we break this self-destructive cycle? Any diversion may work for a while but loses its strength with too many repetitions. The secret is to have multiple alternatives available. If one doesn't work at any given time, try another. Mix and match as your likes, preferences, and moods dictate.


When your hands are involved in a task, it is difficult to eat. Finger foods and dull television are inextricably bound together like flies in a spider web. Some activities to tie up those hands include: sewing, knitting, giving yourself a leisurely manicure (wet nail polish is a sure fire defense against eating), waterrepparttar 137384 plants.

Turnrepparttar 137385 television off and try such pursuits as model making, card playing, videogames (that require both hands onrepparttar 137386 controls), sending e-mails, embroidery, and all kinds of crafts.


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