How To Conduct a Successful Job Search Campaign

Written by Fran Watson

1.Define your objective: Know what kind of work you most enjoy and performrepparttar best. This requires self-evaluation, spending time looking at your interests and abilities. 2.Write an effective resume: Focus on your qualifications forrepparttar 132395 type of work you want to do. Show where you are headed, not where you have been. Look at it from an employer’s perspective -- what qualities do they need forrepparttar 132396 position? 3.Prepare your references: Call or visit each person and tell them exactly what you are looking for. Ask them to let you know if they hear of anything, or to make a referral for you. 4.Research: Make a list of potential employers fromrepparttar 132397 Yellow Pages orrepparttar 132398 Renfrew County Resource Directory and research each company. Check your library for information. 5.Network: Talk to everyone you know aboutrepparttar 132399 kind of work you are looking for. You never know what contact will result in a job offer. Consider neighbours, relatives, parents of friends, teachers, paper route customers, etc.

The End of Suicide!

Written by James Sorrell

Help END suicide (and extreme depression, self-injury & incited violence) with a scriptural solution, by spreadingrepparttar free, volunteer info [SUICIDE VACCINE & Keeper ofrepparttar 132394 Flame---a life preserver made up of words]--->on

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