How To Choose a Sewing Machine

Written by Mary Wilkins

You have finally come torepparttar conclusion that you need or want a sewing machine. Now, what is onrepparttar 116269 market and how do you makerepparttar 116270 right decision?

There are many brands of machines out there and everyone boasts different features. Some machines appeal to quilters, others want you to embroider everything includingrepparttar 116271 toilet seat andrepparttar 116272 shower curtain. Searching forrepparttar 116273 right machine is going to take some time.

Shopping for a new machine can make your head spin. The girls on my boards discuss which machine is best every time someone needs a new one. We all knowrepparttar 116274 name brands but I am not going to suggest one, that decision is yours. It's a personal one and an important one. I will, however give you a few basic questions you should ask yourself.

1. What type of sewing do you plan to do? - clothing - crafts - repairs and alterations - home decorating

2. Where will you sew?

- sewing room - kitchen table - integrated into other family living area

3. How will your machine be stored? - in its own cabinet - in a closet hiding behindrepparttar 116275 coats - leave it out to sew every spare moment

4. Consider your budget and buying habits? How long will you keep this machine? - 6 months - a few years - forever and a day

When you answer these questions, you are on your way to makingrepparttar 116276 right decision. Obviously if you are going to sew fromrepparttar 116277 kitchen table, you don't want a machine with lots of accessories or add-ons that will take up too much room. If you are doing repairs and alterations, you don't want a machine that duplicatesrepparttar 116278 quilting stitch. If you have small children around, your machine needs to be tucked away safely. Just a few things to think about.

Research isrepparttar 116279 name ofrepparttar 116280 game here. Check outrepparttar 116281 latest consumer reports. Visitrepparttar 116282 forum discussions on and see whatrepparttar 116283 girls are using. They will gladly tell you what works and what doesn't. Another source isrepparttar 116284 well known sewing magazines. Sew News and Threads do comparison studies allrepparttar 116285 time.

If you are lucky enough to have local dealers, pay them all a visit. Test drive all their machines and ask lots and lots of questions. Take fabric with you that you use and test out things like stitch length, reverse and some ofrepparttar 116286 different presser feet. Find out about lessons. Lots of dealers will give you a few free lessons to get you acquainted with your machine. Above all, take your time. I cannot stress this enough. Don't let anyone rush you thrurepparttar 116287 process. Leaverepparttar 116288 kids at home so you have no distractions. While you are inrepparttar 116289 shop asking questions, you can see howrepparttar 116290 staff relate to customers and if they haverepparttar 116291 answers to all your questions. If they seem impatient or brusque, imagine how they might be afterrepparttar 116292 sale. If they are not helpful now atrepparttar 116293 prospect of a sale, they probably won't be later if you need help.

Sewing As A Part Time Income

Written by Mary Wilkins

Many of us have contemplated sewing for a source of part-time income. I, myself sold children's designs for a few years, along with doing repairs and alterations. I found it very satisfying, but hardly a dependable source of income.

Part ofrepparttar reason for this I think, wasrepparttar 116268 ever present threat of someone else doingrepparttar 116269 same work for less. Many women find it hard to charge a decent amount for their work. A lady in our community constructed an unlined jacket for someone for ten dollars. I was made to look like a very high priced villain. A simple alteration costs more than that.

If you are contemplating sewing for any sort of income, please check around to what others are charging. You may be selling yourself short. You may also be surprised to seerepparttar 116270 quality ofrepparttar 116271 work involved. I have been surprised to see very shoddy workmanship with some while others work tirelessly for a few paltry dollars. Always make sure all your threads are neatly tucked under and secured. Perfect your buttonholes, collar points, even hemming can become an art. Make surerepparttar 116272 inside of your garments are as well finished asrepparttar 116273 outside. I was told many years ago that this wasrepparttar 116274 sign of a quality garment.

If you have doubts as to your ability to work with certain fabrics, buy remnants and experiment. Velvets and satins are tricky. Sewing for others duringrepparttar 116275 holiday season or a special occasion (think wedding)can be a nightmare. It is better to turnrepparttar 116276 job down until you are more confident in your skills and have a good idea of how long it will take you to completerepparttar 116277 job. Weddings can be a very emotional time forrepparttar 116278 bride, her mother and attendants. I sold fabrics to a bride who had absolutely no say in anything. Her mother was running that show. They tried to scrimp by with barely enough fabric to save money. The bride came back weeks later, practically in tears, needing more ofrepparttar 116279 same fabric. She knew her chances were slim to none of me having any more ofrepparttar 116280 fabric. As luck would have it, I did have more, but this is a prime example of how emotions can run high with this sort of a job. Then, they were not happy withrepparttar 116281 jobrepparttar 116282 seamstress did onrepparttar 116283 bridesmaids dresses. What did they expect, full dresses, very fitted for twenty-five dollars each. As you can see, it was a fiasco from start to finish.

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