How To Choose a Great Camera Phone

Written by Syd Johnson

List of Features Camera phones are handy, and they offerrepparttar most features of any type of cell phone onrepparttar 148577 market. The list of features available on a camera phone is truly astounding for such a small product. Here is a sample list:

Internet access, better color resolution, improved sound quality, multi media messaging (MMS), zoom in/out, video recording capabilities (short clips, no movies), speaker phones, FM radio, MP3 players Ö and allrepparttar 148578 other capabilities you associate with great cell phones.

Every major cell phone manufacturer has a camera phone onrepparttar 148579 market. While some manufacturers say their camera phones arerepparttar 148580 latest and greatest, all camera phones have limitations when compared to regular cameras. If you have dreams of taking pictures onrepparttar 148581 fly and sending them over to Grandma's house, compare, compare, and then compare features again before you purchase your camera phone.

Picture Quality Pictures on camera phones can be fuzzy, garbled or weird. Camera phones donít haverepparttar 148582 same capacity for clarity and space as your average Digital Camera. Checkrepparttar 148583 specs on your phone to see resolution. On newer models, 640 X 480 pixels isrepparttar 148584 norm. In contrast, Digital Cameras are rated according to millions of pixels. Make sure you have enough space to store a few pictures. You should know how many pictures you can keep on your phone at any one time. Usually, around 30 small pictures are possible.

Charge Inrepparttar 148585 cell phone industry, every new feature seems to have a new charge. Be aware ofrepparttar 148586 amount of time it takes to send a picture from your phone. Check your service agreement to see ifrepparttar 148587 time it takes to send a picture viarepparttar 148588 web will be deducted from your minutes, or if a monthly fee is required to send pictures from your camera phone. Underrepparttar 148589 best plans, you pay a monthly fee to send unlimited amounts of pictures.

Flyback Transformer-How to locate the ABL line

Written by Jestine Yong

Whenever there is a complaint about monitor contrast problem i will check onrepparttar flyback transformer ABL (automatic blanking limiter) circuit. Sometimes a weak picture tube might caused contrast problem. Ifrepparttar 148296 picture tube is good, i will go straight torepparttar 148297 contrast circuit. The question is how do we find whererepparttar 148298 contrast circuit located? Simple, if you have a datasheet forrepparttar 148299 video pre- amplifier ic, definitely you can findrepparttar 148300 contrast pin. For LM1203N video pre-amp icrepparttar 148301 contrast pin is located at pin 12. Replace this ic or trace from this circuit to findrepparttar 148302 cause ofrepparttar 148303 contrast problem.

From experienced, usually capacitors shorted and resistor turned into high ohms wererepparttar 148304 caused ofrepparttar 148305 problem. A video pre-amplifier can also be defective. To confirm whether is circuit or ic problem, just solder outrepparttar 148306 contrast pin and switch onrepparttar 148307 monitor. If repparttar 148308 monitor display normal picture (contrast ok) then suspectrepparttar 148309 abl line circuit. If it remainrepparttar 148310 same (dim contrast) replacerepparttar 148311 video pre-amp will usually solverepparttar 148312 problem.

The contrast signal came from one ofrepparttar 148313 pin (leg) of a flyback transformer which we called it as abl pin. Many technicians haverepparttar 148314 difficulty to tracerepparttar 148315 abl pin because usually a flyback transformer consist of around 10 pins. Some pins are B+, GROUND, AFC, ABL, X-RAY PROTECT, VCC, to HOT, HEATER, horizontal centering and etc. But there is one and simple way that i'm gone to show you how to locaterepparttar 148316 abl pin. Use two analog multimeters set to x10kohm range. Connect it in series (+ probe to - probe) and measurerepparttar 148317 flyback transformer from anode (the red cap) to all ofrepparttar 148318 pins underrepparttar 148319 flyback. You have to desolder allrepparttar 148320 pin or just removerepparttar 148321 flyback fromrepparttar 148322 mainboard in order to get an accurate reading.

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