How To Choose Your Upline

Written by Uche Onyema

Statistics say 95% of Internet Marketers donít make any money

online. This sad failure rate will probably not improve inrepparttar near

future either because so many newbies, and old hands, are being

left without enough support from their upline or sponsors.

There are many sponsors, especiallyrepparttar 102414 very successful ones,

who donít even bother replying emails from their downline. This

is a very worrying trend and it violates a very important principle

of network marketing which says that success comes by helping

others succeed. So how come some heavy hitters are successful

without helpingrepparttar 102415 struggling members in their downline? Well,

it has been made possible byrepparttar 102416 internet andrepparttar 102417 enormous 24

hour global market it makes accessible, coupled withrepparttar 102418 vast

number of automated marketing tools.

Unlikerepparttar 102419 traditional offline network marketing where it was

practically impossible to sponsor someone into a downline

without meeting or speaking with them,repparttar 102420 internet has made it

possible for heavy hitters to sponsor hundreds, and even

thousands of people, into their downlines without ever

communicating with them on a personal level.

Autoresponders arerepparttar 102421 order ofrepparttar 102422 day. Many people join

affiliate programs after seeing ads in google, ezines, classifieds etc

without first exchanging emails withrepparttar 102423 sponsor. After paying

their monthly subscriptions, part of whichrepparttar 102424 sponsors earns as

commission, for a few months they give up because they have little

or no success and probably never received an email or a call from

their sponsor. Of courserepparttar 102425 heavy hitting sponsor does not care

much about this because he or she has already earned good

commissions before they quit and can quickly replace them using

their huge automated marketing system working 24-7 to recruit more


It is time internet marketers who have experienced this inrepparttar 102426 past

took their destinies into their hands and choose their upline or

sponsors instead ofrepparttar 102427 other way round. How can I do that, I hear

you ask? Well, by demanding value for your money. Thatís right,

your upline earns a commission out of your monthly subscriptions

so it is your right to receive good service in return. In this caserepparttar 102428

service includes training, mentoring and answering your emails. It

is a great idea to receive and evaluaterepparttar 102429 service first before

paying and that is where free to join affiliate programs are very


How many of us will go into a restaurant, pay forrepparttar 102430 food first

and then walk out after waiting for about an hour forrepparttar 102431 food to

arrive. I dare say no one will and I believe we should see internet

marketing programs inrepparttar 102432 same way as we do a restaurant.

Receiverepparttar 102433 service, evaluate it, if you are happy with it then pay

for it otherwise complain and if possible have your bill waived.

So if you are in an affiliate program and you don't receive sufficient

help from your sponsor complain torepparttar 102434 company and ask to be

reassigned. Stop paying your sponsors for a service you never

5 Rock-Solid Methods For Increasing Your Online Income From Affiliate Programs

Written by Mosiekk Conley

5 Rock-Solid Methods For Increasing Your Online Income From Affiliate Programs" © Copyright 2003 by Mosiekk Conley

What you are about to read... are some my most personal and tested strategies for increasing my income from affiliate programs.

It seems thatrepparttar question I get most from my subscribers to my newsletter is:

"How can I make more money from affiliate programs?"

The answer to this question is so simple that I almost feel guilty about what I am going to share with you.

The most common problems I see with most people that are promoting affiliate programs are:

1. No preselling! 2. 20 different affiliate program links all on one page. 3. No personal endorsements. (this is a big one!) 4. Lacking additional incentives. 5. Targetingrepparttar 102413 wrong people.

Andrepparttar 102414 list could go on and on...

Tip #1 - Separate yourself from other affiliate marketers.

Meaning what would make me want to buy from you instead ofrepparttar 102415 other sites that I see promoting that same product.

In sales there is something that is called a USP.

Simply put, what sets you apart from everyone else sellingrepparttar 102416 same or similar products?

If you are selling air conditioning units, you would want to tell me exactly how your units will be even better thanrepparttar 102417 next guys air conditioning units.

You want to make your customer feel as though your A/C units arerepparttar 102418 best thing since "sliced bread" without distortingrepparttar 102419 truth.

If you don't, then your potential customer may go somewhere else to get an even better deal.

An easy way to accomplish this is throughrepparttar 102420 use of added incentives.

One ingenious, idea that comes to mind when selling A/C units, is to offer a free jacket with every A/C unit.

Basically signifying thatrepparttar 102421 air will be so cold that your customers will require a jacket.

Another idea would be to offer a free trip to Las Vegas.

These may seem like over-the-top suggestions but whatever it takes to separate yourself from others in your market is necessary to realize your true income potential.

Tip #2 - Putting Your Ad In Front ofrepparttar 102422 RIGHT Audience.

Again usingrepparttar 102423 A/C units as an example, it would be a grave mistake to advertise to people who live in Alaska.


Well because most ofrepparttar 102424 people that live in Alaska most likely wouldn't have any use for A/C.

It really doesn't hot enough to warrant using A/C.

Therefore, your efforts would most like be wasted on them. You would probably serve yourself better by advertising in New Mexico, Nevada, or some other place that would be better suited for A/C.

What I see onrepparttar 102425 internet, is people promoting their affiliate links on those "Start Page Exchange Programs."

While these programs seem to bring in tons of traffic, it is not targeted traffic.

For starters, most ofrepparttar 102426 people using those programs don't really even seerepparttar 102427 offers that show up. Then to top it all off, if they do see them they are probably in a totally different market, so they really have no use for your particular program.

Tip #3 - K.I.S.S. - Keep It Stupid Simple!

I couldn't think of any other way to put this.

Make it as easy as possible for your customer to get what he/she wants.

When you have other things that can either detract or take attention away from your offer, you lessen your chances of making that sale.

As mentioned earlier, when most people see just a page full of affiliate links, they are more likely to go somewhere else.

Personally, I feel likerepparttar 102428 affiliate is just trying to get my money and not trying to help me.

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