How To Choose An Affiliate Program

Written by Joe Bingham

What isrepparttar most important of these two factors in choosing an affiliate program? 1. Whatrepparttar 102627 program can offer you. OR 2. How you thinkrepparttar 102628 program will sell to others. Ignore for a minute whatever it isrepparttar 102629 program sells, and ignore what tools, freebies, or extras it offers. Strip it all away and look atrepparttar 102630 'attitude' ofrepparttar 102631 program. What kind of 'feel' does it have? What kind of upline support does it have? Does it sound like something that is real and going to be around? Or does it remind you ofrepparttar 102632 row of shouting salesmen at a fair time carnival? When you sign up on a program, you are putting YOUR NAME alongsiderepparttar 102633 techniques, attitudes, and reputation of that program. If you are planning to sell whatever that program sells, you are also committing yourself to believe in whatever that program sells. Now considering that, does your opinion change about some of repparttar 102634 programs you've seen, are considering joining, or have already joined? Often times, we look atrepparttar 102635 'excitement' ofrepparttar 102636 sales page, and think to ourselves, "Wow! That has to attract a lot of buyers! I'll bet I can get a lot of sales from this program!" Stop and think, though, isrepparttar 102637 program attracting you sensibly, or is it just hype? Does it offer anything REAL to YOU? Is there anybody standing behindrepparttar 102638 program? If you want more information, who do you contact? Is that clear onrepparttar 102639 site? Will they contact you? Is anybody going to be around after you buy in, or will they be too busy running torepparttar 102640 bank with your money? What kind of person are you? Don't you think any program you join should reflectrepparttar 102641 kind of person you are? So what is more important? Whatrepparttar 102642 program has to offer

Direct Talk On Producing Affiliate Sales

Written by Joe Bingham

Whilerepparttar Internet delivers a HUGE market of potential buyers, it also delivers a HUGE amount of competition for those buyers.

If you are into affiliate programs, what is it about your business that can make you stand out from allrepparttar 102626 other affiliates who are promotingrepparttar 102627 exact same site?

Withrepparttar 102628 heavy competition around, promoting with a standard affiliate classified leading to a standard affiliate mirror site isn't going to cut it.

True, you could still get some sales this way, but if you're working toward building a sizeable residual income that can upgrade your lifestyle, 'some sales' isn't good enough.

You need to be more than just an affiliate, you need to be running your OWN business.

Here is THE KEY that can transform you from being just another affiliate, to a business owner.


Your own site:

*increases credibility, creates your own business *can be listed with search engines *offers grouping of programs *offers addition of personal recommendations or testimonials *allows for single URL promotion *offers a format for repeat contact *gives potential for multiple program purchases *creates structure for better downline support


You've heard it before, having your own domain name makes your business more credible. It gives people a focal point to see who you are and what you are involved in. You can then offer a business name that people can remember, and a place they can return to for future reference.

Search Engines

Affiliate mirror sites cannot be listed with search engines, your own site can. Offering portals to your chosen programs on your own site gives yourepparttar 102629 capability to list and promote your business throughrepparttar 102630 search engines.

Grouping Of Programs

On your own site, you can group your programs together and let your site visitors choose from what you have to offer. This gives visitors more options to find exactly what they are looking for, and yourepparttar 102631 greater opportunity to make a sale.

Recommendations or Testimonials

A personal account or description of a program will mean more to people than justrepparttar 102632 basic sales copy onrepparttar 102633 affiliate site. You can even lead into benefits you feel are more important that perhapsrepparttar 102634 affiliate site does not stress enough. Also, this allows you to give people a different look at a program they may have seen before and passed on. Your opinion or testimonial of howrepparttar 102635 program has worked for you or your downline may persuaderepparttar 102636 skeptic to look harder as well.

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