How To Choose A Stress Test

Written by Trevor Dumbleton

Copyright 2005 Trevor Dumbleton

Many people in this world need to take a stress test. These tests can take many forms and are designed to search for different things, but they all have one key goal: they want to see how you are doing. Merely taking a stress test can be a kind of stress all its own, but it does not have to be. And by understanding stress tests, you can understand more fully what they are designed to do.

The first kind of stress test is simply a pen and paper test. These tests will often ask you about certain things you do, where you are in your life, what you are concerned about, and what is going on around you. These stress tests are very easy to take, thoughrepparttar results can often be more than a little surprising. These tests are designed to root out stress in its many forms and arerepparttar 146477 most common form of stress test.

There are many stress tests out onrepparttar 146478 Internet, though many of them will not be particularly useful. Some are designed to be scientific but are not backed up by research, or some may simply be jokes. However, there are a few out there that can be very useful. Unfortunately, many are also very subjective andrepparttar 146479 answers you give may not be all that useful.

If you would like to take a stress test, your doctor can point you inrepparttar 146480 right direction. There are many valid and very useful stress tests out inrepparttar 146481 world and they can give you and your doctorrepparttar 146482 answers that you need to help you determine how you are stressed and how to manage it. Thus, your doctor isrepparttar 146483 best place to start andrepparttar 146484 best place to find answers to all that is troubling you.

Another type of stress test isrepparttar 146485 exercise stress test, also known as a cardiac stress test. These tests involve putting a person on a treadmill at a slow walking pace, then slowly increasingrepparttar 146486 speed untilrepparttar 146487 person is at a jogging or running pace. In these tests, people are usually hooked up to electroencephalographs and usually breathe through a tube in order to study heart rate and breathing. These tests are effective for studying how well a person's heart and lungs are working in order to see if there are any coronary problems.

Burn Calories On The Nautilus Elliptical Trainer

Written by Timothy Gorman

The Nautilus elliptical trainer is made by Nautilus which isrepparttar second biggest maker of exercise equipment. Nautilus also makesrepparttar 146432 Bowflex, which is a very good machine.

The Nautilus elliptical is a higher priced machine butrepparttar 146433 parts are of quality construction, makingrepparttar 146434 machine durable enough for home use.

The Nautilus Pro Series elliptical trainers have an unusual feature that automatically adjusts its stride to match its user and their workout. It also has a feature that will record your workout so that you can keep track of your progress.

Two ellipticals that Nautilus makes arerepparttar 146435 Nautilus E2000, andrepparttar 146436 Nautilus E3000. The Nautilus E2000 has handlebars that move and foot pedals that are articulating. The resistance is electromagnetic andrepparttar 146437 unit has ten programs and sixteen resistance levels. There is a thirty year warranty onrepparttar 146438 frame ofrepparttar 146439 Nautilus elliptical E2000, three years on parts, two years onrepparttar 146440 electronics, one year onrepparttar 146441 labor, and one full year onrepparttar 146442 wear parts.

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