How To Check If Cut Flowers Are Fresh

Written by Gerry Belvedere

Fresh flowers should feel crisp or firm. Before you buy, run your hand underrepparttar flower heads from stem to petal tip. Proceed gently underrepparttar 113374 petals so as not to bruise them.

Ifrepparttar 113375 flower vendor objects, give them a withering look and enquire in a loud voice, "Are these flowers fresh?"

Ifrepparttar 113376 flowers feel soft, cool or damp, don't buy them.

Keep testingrepparttar 113377 other bunches until you find a good one. Often there are only one or two bunches older thanrepparttar 113378 others. Look and listen. Really fresh flowers will make a soft rustling sound as you stroke them.

5 Perennials For Shade Gardens

Written by Lee Dobbins

We all know that flowers love sunshine, but did you realize that there are perennials that loverepparttar shade?

You can create a beautiful garden inrepparttar 113373 shade that can act as a cooling retreat on those hot summer days. By using perennials, your flowers will come up year after year for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Shade gardens offer much more than gardens that sit inrepparttar 113374 blazing sun all day. You can actually sit in them and enjoy them. Pull up a nice lounge chair or have a beautiful granite bench installed. Sit and read on a hot day, or just sip a drink and enjoyrepparttar 113375 birds and butterflies. Like any other gardenrepparttar 113376 best shade gardens will have taller plants inrepparttar 113377 back againstrepparttar 113378 house or woods, medium growing plants inrepparttar 113379 middle andrepparttar 113380 shorter or ground cover plants onrepparttar 113381 inner edge. Since most perennials bloom for a short time, you ‘ll want to plant them so that you always have color inrepparttar 113382 garden. Stagerepparttar 113383 planting so that each area has a blooming plant at all times ofrepparttar 113384 season.

Here’s a list of some perennials that thrive inrepparttar 113385 shade:

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