How To Change Your Electric Guitar Strings

Written by Mantius Cazaubon

Many guitarists, especially beginners, struggle with changing electric guitar strings. But it really is a simple exercise. Here's a straightforward guide you can follow:


You will need a small needle nose pliers to cut and bendrepparttar strings, and a string winder to help you windrepparttar 143199 strings quickly.

Removerepparttar 143200 string.

You should change each guitar string one at a time. That way, you will avoid warpingrepparttar 143201 guitar neck, and you will be able to quickly tunerepparttar 143202 new string torepparttar 143203 other strings.

I usually removerepparttar 143204 6th string first. Use your string winder and turnrepparttar 143205 tuning peg untilrepparttar 143206 string becomes very slack. Now cut offrepparttar 143207 twisted end ofrepparttar 143208 old string so that it slips easily out ofrepparttar 143209 guitar. Then windrepparttar 143210 top section of your string out ofrepparttar 143211 tuning peg.

What you do next will vary depending onrepparttar 143212 type of electric guitar you have. The one I'm using,repparttar 143213 strings go throughrepparttar 143214 body. Removerepparttar 143215 old string. Pay close attention torepparttar 143216 way your old string comes off, and dorepparttar 143217 opposite when putting a new one back on.

Replacerepparttar 143218 string.

Now let's put back a new string. Feedrepparttar 143219 string through a hole inrepparttar 143220 body of your electric guitar, orrepparttar 143221 tail piece. As said earlier, it depends on your particular electric guitar. Getrepparttar 143222 ball end of your string in place.

Scrapbook Photos -- Getting Adventurous With Your Layouts

Written by Nigel Patterson

When you have selectedrepparttar photos for your scrapbook, youíll need to decide how best to lay them out onrepparttar 143094 pages. Don't feel obliged to follow any principles that donít suit your own design. There are no specific rules stating that all photographs or mementos must be placed in chronological order. It is completely up you to decide in what order you wish to place your items and embellishments.

Choosing Your Layout

You can place your photos in a formal chronological order if you want. You can also group them into formal or informal categories according to similar colors, events, activities, individuals or families. Photographs can also be placed into random or abstract arrangements, or collages.

Each style has its own place in scrapbooking. For instance, a chronological order might be useful for an anniversary scrapbook. Pictures and mementos ofrepparttar 143095 coupleís years together could be placed fromrepparttar 143096 first day they met throughrepparttar 143097 wedding day torepparttar 143098 present day with each time period on a different page.

Onrepparttar 143099 other hand, a scrapbook for a parent might just have a collage of photos and drawings to create a sense ofrepparttar 143100 character of their family and their lives together.

Getting Creative With Borders And Frames

Next time you want to find materials to make scrapbook photo frames, have a look in your sewing box or craft cupboard. Youíll almost certainly find bits of ribbon, lace or embroidery cotton that can be re-used to make fascinating and unusual borders for pictures, photos, text or even entire pages.

These items can be used in many different ways byrepparttar 143101 scrapbooker and help create a sense of theme or mood, as well as contributing color and texture to your pages.

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