How To Build A Solid Income With Classified Ads!

Written by John Colanzi

The classified ad isrepparttar most powerful marketing tool for repparttar 101180 new marketer. Even seasoned marketers have keptrepparttar 101181 classified ad asrepparttar 101182 backbone of their lead generating system.


<> They're low cost.

<> Produce a high rate of return per dollar spent.

<> Can be multiplied indefinitely.

Now withrepparttar 101183 advent ofrepparttar 101184 internet, ads go out instantly and you can get started for Free! Don't takerepparttar 101185 power of classifieds lightly.

Here's how to get started absolutely Free and consistently double your business.

1. Pick one product or service to start with. Don't spread yourself thin marketing hundreds of products. You can use your other offers for back-end sales.

2. Write an attention grabbing ad. If you're not sure how, " How To Make A Fortune With Classified Ad at:

How To Write Better Ads That Pull More Response

Written by Joe Bingham

You've got approximately 0.5 seconds to get someone's attention with a classified ad.

That's not much time.

Now, while your high school English teacher may disagree, in this case, fragmentation is a good thing.

Whether it's genetic or learned behavior,repparttar fact is, we don't READ ads, we skim them. So why bother with full sentences? Full sentences take up more room, don't leave any space, and place too many non-essential words.

Example: Bad AD

Userepparttar 101179 $Money Gate$ to get into Dynamics 4 Success. Then, as you build a downline forrepparttar 101180 $Money Gate$ you earnrepparttar 101181 $99 fee necessary to join Dynamics for Success which gives you access torepparttar 101182 $25000 reward program. Get benefactored into 100 Free memberships as part of joining $Money Gate$ Visit and enter Tom Staley as your referring person.

The ad immediately looks BIG. Now, who wants to wade through all of that? Plus, with no space at all inrepparttar 101183 text, it makes it difficult to pick outrepparttar 101184 individual items about whateverrepparttar 101185 ad is talking about. Then, if you do happen to read a word or two here and there, if those words are 'as you build' or 'as part of', what does that tell you?

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