How To Brand Yourself On a Shoestring Budget

Written by John Colanzi

Have you spent hours on end trying your best to make money onrepparttar internet and ended up empty handed? Trust me you're not alone.

I've been there myself.

After running into a brick wall for years, I've finally found what works for me.

If I were starting today and could choose one method to promote my business and to brand myself, it would be writing and submitting articles.


** It's Free promotion

** It's extremely viral

** It brands you fast

** Most marketers won't do it

Your articles are actually more than just free promotion, they're free promotion on steroids.

Think about it?

What'srepparttar 129702 main feature ofrepparttar 129703 average ezine? The featured article. Get featured in an ezine and you'rerepparttar 129704 spotlight of that issue.

Get featured in multiple ezines every week and readers will be saying, I see this name everywhere.

You're branding yourself fast and it hasn't cost you a dime.

Once you start getting your name recognized,repparttar 129705 articles will start taking on a life of their own. Have a few webmasters pick them up and you're name recognition (brand) keeps spreading.

Use Feature Articles For Marketing and PR

Written by Ana Ventura

Writing a feature article about your own product, service, or company is onerepparttar best marketing techniques that can be used. Sendingrepparttar 129701 article to trade, consumer, or business publications that correspond torepparttar 129702 topic can get pages devoted to you at no cost, not to mentionrepparttar 129703 prestige and recognition brought torepparttar 129704 author and company. Why prestige and recognition? Well, having an editorial piece gives you a lot more credibility than paid, sponsored advertising.

Deciding what type of article you want to write depends on what you want to say. An application story is one popular type of article because it addresses howrepparttar 129705 company solved a problem or addressed a specific need. Your PR comes in by suggesting this case history to editors. Readers can learn throughrepparttar 129706 article how your product can be used in their lives by it's previous success.

How to articles are also popular, and are aimed at editors, executives, managers, and professionals. You could also write an article based on new products, trends inrepparttar 129707 industry, or developments. Just remember to keep your topic newsworthy if you want anyone to publish it.

As far as getting your work published, don't be discouraged when you get rejected many, many times. The best way to get your work out there is to keep submitting to new places until someone decides to give it a go. Many authors have submitted their works to thousands and thousands of editors, to have only a few hundred articles published.

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