How To Brand Your Home Based Web Business

Written by Dan J. Fry

"A coke and a smile!"

I would be willing to bet that just about everyone today recognizes this slogan.

Branding isrepparttar process by which you associate in peoples minds a name, slogan, or logo with a product. Included inrepparttar 116886 association are all ofrepparttar 116887 ideologies for which your business stands for. For instance, suppose you own a publishing company called "The Writer Writes", with a particular type of fountain pen and paper as your logo. You focus all of your efforts only on resources for writers who want to develop a strong literary style writing only about what they know as fact. Over time, your logo and name will automatically conjure up images of a place to go to publish your informative writing. You have "branded" your business. The power is now simply inrepparttar 116888 logo and name. Simply plastering your logo everywhere you can find is advertisement enough.

So, how can you brand your business?

(1) Try giving away free reports and articles. Because everyone is looking for content, and everyone will take something that is free, you really can't lose here. Better yet, this technique is viral, meaning that your articles and reports will frequently be passed from person to person.

(2) Stick with a slogan, logo, and theme. Don't keep changing things around. Remember, branding involves memory. You want people to remember you and your site. Don't make them work for it.

(3) Hold contests for free giveaways. We all live our life to some degree on hope. By holding contest, with no strings attached, people will flock to sign up and atrepparttar 116889 same time will be exposed to your business name and logo.

(4) Target a niche. Pay attention to what type of visitors are arriving at your site. Are they doctors, lawyers, stay at home moms, high school students, or other online marketers? This will provide insight into what type of brand you should strive for. The easiest way to brand your business is to narrow your field of view and reach a very specific target that is relatively untouched byrepparttar 116890 competition. This wayrepparttar 116891 only thing that people see is you.

Home Business Writing Made Simple

Written by Dan J. Fry

Have you ever written a letter to a friend? Ever written an outline for any project you were about to start? What about a shopping list? If you have, and I imagine most have, you then can write focused, brief, content articles for your online home business.

Why write? Well, of course you can spend lots of money to drive traffic to your site with absolutely no guarantee that you will obtain a single sale. Moreover, most ofrepparttar traffic, although targeted, may leave your site and forget it ever existed. Writing puts you personally, your site, and your products/services withinrepparttar 116885 same framework as a well-honed opt-in list of subscribers. People remember you, learn to trust you, eventually purchase from you, and most importantly return to purchase again and again, as long as you continue to offer what they need.

"So how can I simplify what seems to berepparttar 116886 arduous task of writing", you ask?

Try this:

(1) Take out pen and paper and go someplace quiet where you can triggerrepparttar 116887 creative side of your brain. (Yes, I said pen and paper. Don't sit in front ofrepparttar 116888 computer for this exercise.)

(2) Sit back and think for a moment about your online home business. What do you offer? What have you learned so far about building traffic? Have you noticed any patterns for certain promotion methods that work? What about anything that can be considered well needed advice to others just starting out?

(3) Now write downrepparttar 116889 first thoughts that come to your mind. Don't edit. Your not at that stage yet. Just writerepparttar 116890 ideas, and do this for several minutes, or until you have at least a single page filled up.

(4) Done? Good. Now go back torepparttar 116891 top ofrepparttar 116892 list. Slowly go through and honerepparttar 116893 ideas. Anything that pops out as particularly intriguing or immediately brings up related ideas mark off forrepparttar 116894 next step. These arerepparttar 116895 ones to develop further.

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