How To Boost Your Marketing Campaign With Visitor Tracking

Written by Mal Keenan

Copyright 2005 Mal Keenan

Who cares, as long as they visit your site, right?


It is a fact that traffic, orrepparttar number of people who visit your site, could make or break an online business. After all, we cannot sell our products if no one would get to know about them. The problem is, most webmasters would rather concentrate on generating more traffic by dabbling in countless marketing strategies instead of honing a particular one to perfection. The former is susceptible to new risks, whilerepparttar 144148 latter eliminates old problems for improved performance. Clearly, tweaking your site isrepparttar 144149 way to go. And you could do this efficiently withrepparttar 144150 aid of visitor tracking.

Visitor tracking has long been hailed as a science, and for good reasons! The accurate findings that visitor tracking can provide isrepparttar 144151 key to creating a site that is both friendly to everyone who would grace its pages, and enticing to everyone so that they may try its features.

How is visitor tracking capable of all these, you might ask. Considerrepparttar 144152 powerful deeds that visitor tracking is capable of:

* With visitor tracking, you would be able to know where your visitors are coming from. With this knowledge, you could make corresponding adjustments to your marketing campaign. Know what area to target, what kind of people to focus your attention on, and how to win their interest so that they would come to your site.

* With visitor tracking, you would also be able to knowrepparttar 144153 sites your visitors would go to after lingering in yours. You would be able to ascertain an aspect that has eluded evenrepparttar 144154 best socio-oriented marketers inrepparttar 144155 world: consumer behavior. Visitor tracking would allow you to determine a pattern based onrepparttar 144156 conduct of online users, and you could make this work to your advantage.

My Vision Of Multiple Streams of Income

Written by Peter Dobler

Copyright 2005 Peter Dobler

You've must have readrepparttar phrase "multiple streams of income" numerous times on your journey searching for wisdom onrepparttar 144101 Internet. Regarding to Robert G. Allen, multiple streams of income arerepparttar 144102 stock market, real estate andrepparttar 144103 Internet. I prefer to add paycheck to this list as well. Most of us don't feel comfortable to give uprepparttar 144104 security of a steady income, at least not inrepparttar 144105 beginning.

Duringrepparttar 144106 next few months I will publish new articles about my very own experiences with building multiple streams of income. Although I just recently started, I have a lot to share and I hope I will inspire someone to avoidrepparttar 144107 mistakes I made, and still will make.

Please join me on my journey to financial freedom through my home-based business onrepparttar 144108 Internet. I will cover my experiences and mistakes withrepparttar 144109 stock market and inrepparttar 144110 real estate business in separate articles. For now I'm focusing onrepparttar 144111 Internet business.

I wasted hours and hours searching forrepparttar 144112 almighty golden key to financial freedom. I spent a lot of money for worthless e-books and signed up to almost every newsletter there is. Until I had to switch email addresses. My inbox couldn't keep up withrepparttar 144113 massive stream of useless emails.

What did I learn so far? Somebody else got a little bit closer to financial freedom, certainly not me! I was in desperate need of either giving up or dramatically changing my strategy. I'm not a quitter and whatever strategy I used, if so, it must change or I will find myself in financial hell.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not looking to make money out of thin air. I actually don't believe inrepparttar 144114 get rich with no money schemes. The only person getting rich isrepparttar 144115 author ofrepparttar 144116 book! Some of these strategies may work in theory, but I've never seen substantial results inrepparttar 144117 long run. I might be wrong on this one, if so, please send me your opinion and experience with this business strategy.

Here's another advice; it takes time, lots of it. Don't rush yourself into hasty decisions just because you think it is a hot deal. Do your homework and researchrepparttar 144118 deal as good as possible. If this isrepparttar 144119 true "hot" deal, it will be around for a while. Otherwise it's just another rip off scheme and someone else is makingrepparttar 144120 big bucks. If you come across these 30 days to success guides, give yourself at least 60 days to achieve your success. Remember, patience is one ofrepparttar 144121 key factors to success. Readrepparttar 144122 guide in its entirety and slowly start implementing these suggestions into action. Always keep track on what you did and double check after a few days or weeks, if it's working. Make changes as necessary.

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