How To Boost Your Keyword Density On Your Web Site To Gain Top Positions At The Search Engines

Written by Rich Hamilton, Jr

Let's talk about what keyword density is and how to improve your keyword density on your web site. To improve your keyword density ratio there are three parts that we will need address.

Part 1: Content

When it comes torepparttar Search Engines content is king! Yes king! Search Engines want web sites that are rich in content. Content is words that are embedded in text on your web site. Your keyword density ratio is one ofrepparttar 128137 most important ingredients of getting good Search Engine rankings and influencesrepparttar 128138 Search Engines on how to rank your web site accordingly.

For those of you who are not sure what keyword density is and howrepparttar 128139 Search Engines use it to configure their ranking structure, let me explain. Keyword density isrepparttar 128140 total number of times your keywords appear withinrepparttar 128141 content of your web page, including text, hyper links, andrepparttar 128142 ALT tag of your images. I will explain each of them so you will have a clear understanding ofrepparttar 128143 principles. Your keyword density is measured by a simple mathematical formula that is used to configure your keyword density ratio.

To configure your keyword density ratio you must takerepparttar 128144 number of times a keyword appears inrepparttar 128145 content of your web site, divide it byrepparttar 128146 total number of words and that's your keyword density ratio. I will give you a quick example of keyword "Marketing":


The keyword "Marketing appears 47 times in text on your web page and if you have 315 words on your web page, your keyword density ratio would then be 15%.

Obviouslyrepparttar 128147 higher your keyword density is,repparttar 128148 greater influence you'll have gettingrepparttar 128149 Search Engines to give you a better ranking. Becareful though, you don't want to over repeatrepparttar 128150 same combination of words and/or sentences just to increase your keyword density. Your website could end up looking like a broken record.

Part 2: Hyper Links

How many times have you seen links that say "Click Here"? A lot huh! If you are currently using this type of linking or going to be linking, then you want to pay attention, because this is really important to your keyword density ratio. I am going to use my web site for these examples so that you can understand clearly.

Increase Web Site Traffic with Link Popularity

Written by Jason Bruce

Many ofrepparttar major search engines now factor link popularity into their rankings so it is important to get as many quality Web sites linking to your site as possible.

What is Link Popularity? Link popularity isrepparttar 128136 total number of Web sites that link to your site. As a result, increasingrepparttar 128137 number of relevant Web sites which link to your site can improve your search engine rankings and generate more traffic to your site.

Relevant Links The type of Web site linking to yours is very important. Exchange links with Web sites that have a similar theme or content as yours. A link from a similar Web site will count more towards your link popularity then a link from a Web site with content which is not relevant to yours. For example, if you have a real estate Web site, you should request link exchanges from other sites that have content pertaining to repparttar 128138 real estate industry.

Avoid being Banned from Search Engines Do not participate in link exchange programs or link farms. Although this seems like an easy way to exchange links with other Web sites, Google and many other search engines may ban sites that participate in link exchange programs.

Create a Links Page Before you request reciprocal linking with other Web sites, you should set up a ‘Links’ page on your site. You can also add your contact information so other Webmasters can request link exchanges with you.

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