How To Boost Traffic To Your Blog:How to write a better blog?

Written by Ryen Kim

Sources of traffic and how to write blog that boost traffic?
Where doesrepparttar traffic come from? Where my readers come from?
It's essential to knowrepparttar 137571 sources of traffic. Then, you know where your effort should go to boost traffic to your blog.
The sources of traffic:
  • Your blog itself
  • Major search engines and Directory: Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL,...
  • External links

First thing first. Whatever techniques or tips you hear about how to bring traffic to your blog, don't get lostrepparttar 137572 foremost important thing: your blog itself!

Your blog itself should be something people like to read and like to link.

People are not waiting for you. They even don't know you. But they'll start noticing you if your posts cater their interest and they'll spread your blog to their friends. The quality of your blog is superior to any other techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO). But it seems some blogger apt to forget this yetrepparttar 137573 majorities are providing good blog. This is common sense, right? Nothing new, huh?
OK, here are four tips how to make your blog attractive:

  • Write something controversial,topical, and pithy. And make your blog title attractive but don't forget to include keyword in your title. The word "keyword" will appear several times in rest of post, meaning it's just important! You may want to read, Traffic to Blog:Keyword Research, to know why keywords are important and how to find keywords that brings traffic to your blog, if you haven't read. It also guides you how to find topical keywords.
  • Write as frequently as possible.
    If you just started new blog, write everyday. If your blog already have decent traffic, just keep on writing as frequently as you can. Both readers and search engines look for new information. You provide new information and they will come.

Does Google Hire "Mad Scientists?"

Written by Jim Edwards

Online search giant, Google, often testsrepparttar waters for new services by rolling out a "beta" (first) version of an idea to gauge public reaction.

By employing this strategy, it's easy to imagine a building full of creative, "mad scientist" types cooking uprepparttar 137557 latest and greatest online gizmos.

In fact, you can take a peek at what's cooking at Google by logging on to

There you'll find glimpses ofrepparttar 137558 true "bleeding edge" technology Google thinks will shaperepparttar 137559 way we use information onrepparttar 137560 Internet inrepparttar 137561 very near future.

** Online Video Search **

Log on to to seerepparttar 137562 next step in Google's quest to becomerepparttar 137563 world's foremost repository of online and offline information.

This first attempt at providing searchable data about video is currently restricted to recent television shows.

Unlikerepparttar 137564 video search at rival Yahoo! ( ) which provides a searchable database of actual video clips available for viewing right online, Google's video search results takerepparttar 137565 browser to a page with still frame images and text transcripts ofrepparttar 137566 show.

Since it rates much easier to search text than video, this particular format of transcript combined with still frame should win out overrepparttar 137567 straight video clip method (at least for now).

** Help With Keyword Searches **

One problem everyone encounters periodically online involves wanting to find something, but not knowing exactly how to phraserepparttar 137568 request to a search engine.

You sort of know what you want, but aren't 100% sure how to phrase it, orrepparttar 137569 results you get fromrepparttar 137570 phrases you use don't give yourepparttar 137571 results you want.

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