How To Better Handle Your Mail

Written by Susan and Chuck DeFiore

Letters, magazines, bills, flyers, what to do with them all. There should be only two responses to every piece of mail or e-mail, do something with it, or toss it!

The best way, as always, to deal with it all is in an organized fashion.

One ofrepparttar quickest ways to do this is to haverepparttar 117684 following folders:

A red one for things that must be dealt with immediately. This would include anything that needs an immediate response, something that has to be done today. A letter you must respond to, a meeting you have to schedule, a report you need to do, a telephone call that needs to be made. Within this folder you will need to prioritize what needs to be handled first, second, etc.

Bills that come in and need to be paid should be placed in your tickler file a couple days before their due date to account for mailing time. So as you are opening your bills that come inrepparttar 117685 mail, checkrepparttar 117686 due date and place them in your tickler file. If it has to be paid upon receipt, put it inrepparttar 117687 red folder so you can deal with it immediately.

Meetings (flyers) that have to be attended are placed in a gray folder. Be sure to checkrepparttar 117688 dates, highlight them. Your next step is to be sure to place them on your calendar, and then to tickle them two days before for your review or if there is anything you need to do or prepare forrepparttar 117689 meeting.

Resolutions....How To Keep Them

Written by Chuck and Sue DeFiore

It's now February, have your resolutions already fallen byrepparttar wayside. Research shows that most resolutions don't last pastrepparttar 117683 second week of January. Why? That's what this article is going to concentrate on, and how you can keep your resolutions on track.

The most popular resolutions are to lose weight, stop smoking, eat better, get a better job, start my own business, spend more time with my spouse/kids, you can fill inrepparttar 117684 blank with your resolution.

One ofrepparttar 117685 main reasons resolutions aren't kept is that we make too many of them at once.

So,repparttar 117686 first step in keeping resolutions is to do them one at a time. Especially for weight and smoking cessation, it is important to take little steps before you get torepparttar 117687 main goal. For example, for those of you trying to quit smoking, studies show that long term smokers (10 plus years) have a hard time quitting cold turkey. So, what I did, was to keep a book and I wrote down every time I had a cigarette. Then each day I tried to cut one out. Did I slip sometimes, yes, but eventually I got down to 5-6 a day, and then quit from there. The patches work once you get down to 5-6 a day. Tip: Cut them in half or quarters and they last longer.

The same principles work for diet changes. Eatrepparttar 117688 foods you like but cut down onrepparttar 117689 portions and eventually put some healthier foods in your diet. The big thing in weight loss is to moderate what you eat. If you eat dessert every night, try cutting out one night a week for a month, then two, and so on. Eventually cut it down to a couple of times a week or eat low fat desserts. Walking is a great exercise. Try it before you go to work, or during lunch, or after dinner.

As for spending more time withrepparttar 117690 family. Try to make Sunday a family day. Have a special family dinner night, movie night, game night. Pick things that everyone likes or take turns coming up with themes. You will all have to be flexible. Ladies, your husbands don't like going shopping, any more than you like their sport watching. Everybody will have to compromise.

While people have all kinds of excuses for weight, smoking, diet, and spending time resolutions, they even have more when it comes to making a change in their profession.

When we talk to folks about starting their own business they have all kinds of excuses why it won't work for them - they don't haverepparttar 117691 time, it's too much work, it doesn't work, they don't haverepparttar 117692 money, they don't think it will work for them.

Well, with all of those excuses, of course, it isn't going to work. If you go into something not believing you will be able to succeed, guess what? You won't. Let's break down those excuses...

Excuse 1

They don't haverepparttar 117693 time.

Sure they do. They watch Television, play onrepparttar 117694 computer for hours each night, and for many hours overrepparttar 117695 weekend. Take a half hour each night or a couple hours overrepparttar 117696 weekend and you can start a business. Yes, inrepparttar 117697 beginning some of that time will be spent organizing yourself to get started, but once that is done you are ready to move forward.

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