How To Become a Mortgage Broker

Written by David A. Wells

The mortgage industry accounted for $1,815,949,279,000 in loan transactions in 2004. That's one trillion, eight hundred and fifteen billion, nine hundred and forty-nine million, two hundred and seventy nine thousand one year!

Mortgage brokers average better than 1% commission on every a conservative estimate is $18,159,492,790 torepparttar mortgage industry in commissions last year. Eighteen billion is a lot of money to go around.

Consider a profession that doesn't require any formal schooling yet offers a six-figure plus income potential to any broker who wants it.

Here's howrepparttar 138883 business works...

A mortgage broker acts asrepparttar 138884 middle man between a borrower and a lender. The broker bridgesrepparttar 138885 communication gap betweenrepparttar 138886 technical requirements ofrepparttar 138887 lender andrepparttar 138888 non-technical demand ofrepparttar 138889 borrower. And here'srepparttar 138890 best brokers get a cut of every loan they close.

The upside for this profession is nearly unlimited. Once you've reached a high monthly income level from your mortgage commissions you can move into other areas ofrepparttar 138891 business and make huge amounts of money.

Buying second mortgages, funding choice loans yourself and buying real estate investment properties are just a few examples ofrepparttar 138892 opportunities for expansion that are available to successful mortgage brokers.

If you're ambitious and want to become truely wealthy this industry will afford you every opportunity to do so.

The mortgage industry does, however, require that you master three important skills before it will reward you with success.

You have to be able to sell.

This is ultimately a personal business. You will be dealing with people every day. Knowing how to relate to all kinds of people to make sure they are comfortable during an unfamiliar and very important process is vital. Sales skills are essential to your success as a mortgage broker.

Prior sales experience is helpful but not necessary. Regardless of your sales skill level you should commit to continuously learning everything you can about sales.

The Myths and Truths of Retirement

Written by Joanne Wiley

Myths of retirement Here arerepparttar most common thoughts that we have heard as we have talked with people who are either looking at retirement or already retired. These misconceptions shape our thinking, and impact how we see ourselves living out this time of life called retirement. They create notrepparttar 138718 Golden Years, butrepparttar 138719 Grey Years.

1.True success is retiring to do nothing. Being successful means accumulating enough so you have to do nothing.

2.At 65 Im no longer capable of working. Im too old.

3.When I retire, I should start winding down. Take it easy

4.I want to retire while I am still healthy so I can stay healthy.

Truths about retirement 1.Inrepparttar 138720 1930s Roosevelt created Social Security to provide a pension workers 65 and older. This was to create openings for younger workers by removing seniors fromrepparttar 138721 work force duringrepparttar 138722 Depression when there were large numbers unemployed.

It was not created fromrepparttar 138723 basis that 65 year olds and older were unable to work. We needrepparttar 138724 creativity of older people even more today, creativity creates jobs. Older people need to stay inrepparttar 138725 work world.

2.Generally, we are healthier than ever have been before. A recent cover of AARP, a magazine for people over 50, announced: Sixty isrepparttar 138726 new Thirty. Immunizations, medications, health knowledge and education, have made a huge difference.

3.Our longevity has increased. A 65 yr old man can expect to live until age 82, while a 65 yr old woman can expect to live until age 85. If you are in your 40s, and followrepparttar 138727 traditional model of retirement, you will likely be retired a minimum of one quarter of your life.

Those living to a hundred have increased. The 1960 census listed about 3000 centenarians. Today, centenarians are estimated at 70,000 and some are predicting 4.2 million byrepparttar 138728 middle ofrepparttar 138729 century. If you are 50, you could be one ofrepparttar 138730 4.2 million!

4.Winding down leads to poor health. People who study aging describerepparttar 138731 Use it or Lose it phenomenon. We keep our health by using it, we need to be active physically, mentally, emotionally or we will wind down. Studies have shown 90 year olds being capable of increasing muscle mass and tone moving from wheelchairs to being independent again.

Andrepparttar 138732 good news is: It is never too late to start!! Physically, mentally, emotionally, we haverepparttar 138733 capacity to grow at any age.

George Bernard Shaw, an Irish dramatist, wonrepparttar 138734 Nobel Prize for Literature at 69. He wrote his last play at 93.

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