How To Be Handsomely Rewarded in These Times of Astounding and Radical Change

Written by Noel Peebles

Do you want to be rich? It sounds ridiculous. Of course you’d like to be rich, wouldn’t everybody? But do you want to be really rich? Your words might say you do, but your thoughts and actions very often say something entirely different. If you are still doing thingsrepparttar same way you’ve always done things, then reading this could berepparttar 101927 most important thing you do all year. Why? Because your thoughts and actions can berepparttar 101928 fuel your business needs to get up and running. Your thoughts and actions can also act like a ‘straight jacket’ making it easy for competitors to knock you around. However, if you are willing to make a personal commitment to perpetual re-education, you will come face-to-face withrepparttar 101929 most exceptional opportunitiesrepparttar 101930 world has ever seen. Start by redefining your business to satisfyrepparttar 101931 wants and needs of baby-boomers (born 1945 - 1965). By doing this you will be handsomely rewarded in these times of astounding and radical change. We have all been exposed to more change inrepparttar 101932 last 20 years than mankind has experienced inrepparttar 101933 past 2000 years. The situation is terrifying, frightening and awesome in its potential opportunity. We are living in one ofrepparttar 101934 most exciting periods civilization has ever known -repparttar 101935 information age. It is a period of astounding and radical change. This is “Frontierland” all over again… only now with computers,

Mentors Around Every Corner

Written by Josh Hinds

Do you have a library card? At this point you're probably asking yourself how inrepparttar world this is possibly going to translate into a commentary on self-improvement. Bear with me on this because it's going to fit together I assure you.

Sadly, if you're like most folks you don't have one. Not only that, you might not even rememberrepparttar 101926 last time you took advantage of these incredible repositories of knowledge. In actualityrepparttar 101927 word incredible is a gross understatement to describe just how much is waiting for us all on those bookshelves. And in many cases for FREE to boot!

It's been said many times that a person can become an expert in just about anything provided they takerepparttar 101928 amount of required time for them to learnrepparttar 101929 subject. I won't go in depth here but suffice it to say I am huge proponent of continued self education. I hope that you are as well.

There are many methods you and I can apply to put ourselves onrepparttar 101930 path towards continuos education. We've gotrepparttar 101931 Internet. We've got those around us & our mentors. We have all kinds of formal education and not so formal... and of course we have libraries.

As promised in my opening statement, here's how it all fits together. I read a whole lot of personal development books and listen to a lot of tapes. It's not uncommon for me to not know what's currently playing onrepparttar 101932 radio stations because I prefer to use my driving time as learning time.

In addition to personal development I also like to read biography's and auto-biography's of people I am interested. There's an old quote that I simply love which say's "Success Leaves Clues". It's in this truth that leads me to read a lot of biographies. So this past week I wanted to get a better grasp of courage, persistence, andrepparttar 101933 will to simply not give up inrepparttar 101934 face of dire situations.

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