How To Be Dense While You Build Muscle The Smart Way

Written by Jeremy Markum

Are you looking for another way to progress that doesnít require adding more weight torepparttar bar? Are you stuck and stagnate? Well give Density Training a try. If you don't, I guarantee you will hit a plateau.

Density, as it pertains to resistanct training, isrepparttar 113066 amount of Work performed per unit time. And yes, ďtimeĒ is critical here, because it'srepparttar 113067 variable we're going to manipulate to ensure Progression, and a simple one at that.

(Byrepparttar 113068 way, Work equals Force X's Distance, and when we're talking engines and sports cars, it's called "Horsepower." I mention this, because everyone knows that, a bigger engine with more cylinders produces more Horsepower, all else equal. Same with your muscles.)

I wonít go into why Density Training works, other than to say it preferentially targets Intermediate Twitch Muscle Fibers, and alsorepparttar 113069 nutrient delivery / waste removal systems associated with these fibers, which means that these fibers and these systems will hypertrophy in response (sorry forrepparttar 113070 science speak!). If youíre more curious aboutrepparttar 113071 mechanism than that, you can buy my Advanced Training & Nutrition Guide, where I do go into a little more detail, while atrepparttar 113072 same time, keeping it in laymen's terms. For now, hereísrepparttar 113073 workout:

Letís pretend itís your day to train biceps. Hereís what you do:

You will perform Standing Curls (I like doing these with an Elastic Band rather than a dumbbell).

1) Select a load (or a color withrepparttar 113074 bands) such that you think you can perform about 15 reps on your first set before reaching failure (where failure means that your form isnít PERFECT anymore, not what you can cheat up with a backward lean to shamerepparttar 113075 tower in Pisa). The exact number of reps you get isnít important anyway, only that itís over 8 reps at least.

Buying a Treadmill

Written by Frederick L. Waters

If you are considering buying a treadmill you need to take into consideration a number of factors that will determinerepparttar quality ofrepparttar 113065 machine. You want to avoid buying a cheap treadmill, because they are not built for endurance and will probably breakdown after minimum use. Treadmills under $800 dollars are not built for endurance and performance and you will get an inferior workout and your machine will not last.

So what do you look for when buying a treadmill, and should you buy your treadmill from a dealer or onrepparttar 113066 Internet?

Buying a Treadmill from a Retail Store

The obvious advantage when buying a treadmill from either a large retail store or fitness equipment specialty shop is that you to try it out. You can try out all ofrepparttar 113067 features, comparerepparttar 113068 belts and their impact, and get a feel for what works for you. But this comes with a cost. You are paying for two costly expenses. First, you have to pay forrepparttar 113069 retail overhead costs. Most retail fitness equipment stores are in prime locations. This cost ofrepparttar 113070 building adds significantly torepparttar 113071 price ofrepparttar 113072 treadmill.

Second, when buying a treadmill you are paying forrepparttar 113073 commission torepparttar 113074 salesperson. And since he is on commission you can't always be certain he is going to provide you with objective information. Togetherrepparttar 113075 retail costs andrepparttar 113076 salesperson's commissions can add up to 10% - 15% torepparttar 113077 cost of your treadmill. If you feel a need to try it out then you just need to factor in that cost.

Buying a Treadmill Online

When buying a treadmill online you can save considerable money, but you have to be an educated buyer. Butrepparttar 113078 reality is treadmills are like computers. They are composed of many ofrepparttar 113079 same features and components. If you know what you are looking for in a treadmill, and you are familiar withrepparttar 113080 features you want, then you can easily shop and compare online. Inrepparttar 113081 process you avoid having to travel all over town comparing prices and features. The whole process can be done at your desk.

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