How To Be A Successful Home Business Working Mother

Written by Jacinda Harrison

For most of us Internet entrepreneursrepparttar reality of starting our own home business on a full time basis is not a reality.

With financial and/or family commitments a priority it is hard work to get a home business offrepparttar 116945 ground and nurture it into a successful money making venture.

Working a job atrepparttar 116946 same time is a necessity for 99% of us just starting up.

Where do you findrepparttar 116947 available time? How do you reach a balance between your home, your family, your job AND your home business?

These are very elusive questions aren’t they?

I have compiled a list of ten exclusive tips to help you and others just like myself.

These are tips and advice, which I have found to be beneficial in helping me to reach a balance and also to keep my sanity, when at times I have been ready to tossrepparttar 116948 home business aside as it just seemed too hard to do it ALL…..!

1) Write down a list of main goals you want to achieve with your home business. Eg: Financial freedom, More time with family. Print this out and pin it up where you will read it each day. This will keep you motivated and remind you why you stay up all those late nights!

2) Choose a home business that you will put your heart into. If you haverepparttar 116949 desire to succeed then you will succeed. If you enjoy your home business then making room for it in your life will not be a chore.

3) Set a quantity of hours to devote to your home business each week. Be realistic. You may only have 30 minutes or one hour a day available on a regular basis. If you manage to spend extra hours – well done, and you will feel proud for doing so.

4) Write a weekly TO DO list. One for business and one for home. Be realistic. This will give you activities to work towards. Check them off as you complete them. You will feel a sense of achievement.

To Optimize Or Not To Optimize

Written by Dan J. Fry

Excessive optimization could be considered a sickness depending on context. Look up compulsive disorders inrepparttar Diagnosis and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) and over- optimization fitsrepparttar 116944 description fairly well. So, should most online home business owners be seen by a psychotherapist? Well, I won't answer that as of now since it doesn't bode well for my immediate physical health. But one thing is for sure: web site optimization is tricky business.

The search engines are in an all out war to berepparttar 116945 best. Since content is king, they are all striving to developrepparttar 116946 all around best algorithm to deliverrepparttar 116947 most relevant search results. They are thus in a constant state of flux, which in turn wreaks havoc on our nerves as online home business owners.

You see, search engines are one ofrepparttar 116948 best forms of free traffic. And we all know that to run a successful online business, traffic is a must. Most home based web businesses start out on very restrictive budgets. I know mine did, and still is. So, whenrepparttar 116949 toss up is time or money, I, like many others probably do, chose to work with time.

In walks optimization. You must be on your toes to stay ahead ofrepparttar 116950 every changing SEs. You must periodically evaluate your site's content to ensure that you aren't bumped to low indexes. But this can easily get carried away into what I like to call over-optimization, and then you probably should consultrepparttar 116951 DSM- V.

Traffic is important. There is no doubt about it. But there must be a balance. Sorepparttar 116952 ultimate question is not whether you should or shouldn't optimize, but how much time you should spend on it in terms of other site promotion methodologies.

Try to divide your time. Inrepparttar 116953 beginning I focused heavily on search engine optimization. Slowly, after several months of realizing thatrepparttar 116954 process never ends,(I too consultedrepparttar 116955 DSM-V and had Freud give me a swift kick inrepparttar 116956 tushy.) my focus began to shift to a host of promotion techniques. Here is a short list of some ofrepparttar 116957 primary traffic generators I work with.

(1) Writing articles, such as this one, to share my experiences with others and of course provide a link to my site atrepparttar 116958 end. Guess what? If someone picks it up and decides to publish any of my articles on their site, I get bonus points fromrepparttar 116959 search engines. Why? Reciprocal linking of course. The link shows that someone else values my site, and as a result my ranking increases.

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