How To Avoid Spam Robots

Written by Jim Edwards

Despiterepparttar fact that Federal legislation (the CANSPAM act) made it illegal, harvesting email addresses fromrepparttar 142454 web using automated robots remains alive and well.

Spammers who need fresh email addresses release software spider programs that combrepparttar 142455 Internet and suck email addresses off Web pages, guest books, and anywhere else you might post your email address.

Once they get your email address, spammers will trade it around like 5th graders with a new pack of Pokemon cards at recess and you can expectrepparttar 142456 avalanche of email to begin flooding your inbox.

In order to combat this still rampant practice of stealing email addresses from websites and sending people email they don't want,repparttar 142457 following tips should help protect you.

** Break It Up **

Obviouslyrepparttar 142458 best way to avoid getting picked up by an email harvester is not to post your email anywhere on anyone's website (including your own).

Ifrepparttar 142459 only way someone can get your email is if you give it to them, that creates a similar situation to operating with an unlisted phone number.

If telemarketers can't get your phone number, they can't call.

If you must post your email address, post it in a way that a robot won't recognize it as an email address. Instead of posting YOURNAME@YOURDOMAIN.COM, you can put YOURNAME (AT) YOURDOMAIN.COM and then, in parenthesis, put (replace AT with @ to email me).

Though it seems like an extra step for legitimate email, you'll find it a very effective technique.

** Use An Image **

Currently, online spiders (ANY spider, including search engines) cannot read text that appears in a graphic or picture. If you must display an email address on a page, then do it by typing your email address into your favorite graphics program and savingrepparttar 142460 image as a .gif or .jpg. Then postrepparttar 142461 image onto your web page so people can seerepparttar 142462 email, but spiders cannot. This too creates an extra step for people because they must type in your email address, but it's an effective solution if you must display an email address on your own website.

Email Etiquette: 7 Tips for Better Communication

Written by Dina Giolitto,

Working for yourself is a little different than working for a company. You can't rely on HR to take care ofrepparttar details. You're not going to run into someone inrepparttar 142175 break room where you can say, "Hey did you get my email?" You have limited chances to communicate with your clients and collaborators, so you want to be as clear as possible. Here are some tips on proper email protocol that will help foster your business relationships and help people to remember you as an exceptional communicator!

1. Readrepparttar 142176 other person's email several times before writing your reply. Sometimes in our hurry to get things done, we glaze over important details and missrepparttar 142177 message. Are you asking questions that someone already took their precious time to answerrepparttar 142178 first time around? Did you MISS their questions that require a response? Slow down, take your time, be thorough! Your clients will be glad forrepparttar 142179 specialized attention and great service.

2. Always include contact information atrepparttar 142180 end of your email. Even if you've talked to this person a thousand times before, they'll always appreciate easy access to your full company name, email address, phone and fax number. You want referrals, right? Think of how simple it will be for them to pass along your info to a new customer if it's right before their eyes!

3. Never assume that someone doesn't know something. Sure, you're a storehouse of handy information, but it's a little arrogant to assume that no one else onrepparttar 142181 planet knows what you know. If you want to offer an impromptu tutorial, great. But do tack on a friendly intro such as: "Maybe you already know this but," or "Ever try such-and-such?" If they haven't, they can say, "No... but thanks forrepparttar 142182 new ideas!" If they have, they can respond with an enthusiastic, "Yes I have, and I love it!"

4. Always let your colleague know that you've received an important message, and inform them of when you intend to respond. Example: "Thanks for sendingrepparttar 142183 contract; I'll look it over this weekend and get back to you by Monday evening atrepparttar 142184 latest." Even if you're incredibly busy and not sure exactly when you'll be ready with an answer, don't leave anyone hanging indefinitely. For all they know, you never gotrepparttar 142185 email!

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