How To Ask For A Pay Rise!

Written by Kim Beardsmore

Negotiating a pay rise is not something many people do on a regular basis. By applying these keys you will be well positioned to improve your negotiation skills and feel more empowered when asking for a pay rise.

1. Knowrepparttar outcome you want. Do you want a win-win outcome where both you and your boss benefit? Or a win-lose outcome where your boss is not happy withrepparttar 138931 result?

It is important you know what type of outcome you want because that will affectrepparttar 138932 long term relationship you have withrepparttar 138933 other party. Win-win outcomes are beneficial where you have an ongoing relationship. For example, when you negotiate a pay rise, you don't want your boss to feel he/she isrepparttar 138934 'loser'. However, if you are buying a car from a car lot, you may not be so concerned about whetherrepparttar 138935 car salesperson feels as though they 'won' inrepparttar 138936 negotiation!

2. Know your 'position'. How important is this job to you? How much do you need it? Could you walk away fromrepparttar 138937 job? What alternatives do you have? What is your "bottom line" and what (if anything) are you prepared to concede? You should not start negotiating a pay rise until you have thought through and considered all ofrepparttar 138938 consequences for all ofrepparttar 138939 different outcomes that may eventuate.

Warning: never say something you are not prepared to carry through. Generally, employers do not respond well to threats, so do not say you will leaverepparttar 138940 job unless you fully intend to….they just may take you up onrepparttar 138941 offer!

3. Work out different scenarios ahead of time. Being caught by surprise will NOT strengthen your request! Think through allrepparttar 138942 different possibilities, which may eventuate and plan for each and every one of them. It is useful to brainstorm and write down on a piece of paper what could possibly happen. For example, if your boss said, "XYZ" - I would respond with, "ABC". This way you can be prepared for just about anything that may happen.

4. Know yourself. Know your own weaknesses. If you are a gentle personality your natural aversion to conflict may toss you into concessions that aren't necessary! If this is you, learn about yourself and take counter action. If you are overly stubborn and never give way to minor points, know this about yourself. Your stubbornness, holding out for 100% your own way, may cause you to lose a really great offer from your boss!

Escape The Stress!

Written by Kim Beardsmore

Inrepparttar western world, there is one thing common to many work places. Stress. There are many causes and all of us could spend a lot of time and dollars analyzing our life and situations to eliminate stress.

What may be far more useful however, is to learnrepparttar 138929 skills of dealing with every day stress to keeprepparttar 138930 stress levels within a healthy level. These eight points will help you reduce stress as you go about your daily activity.

1. Lower your expectations and you will suffer less disappointment. Try seeing everything as already perfect and accept things as they are, then you can strive less and relax more.

2. Learn to say NO. Next time someone asks you to do something, beforerepparttar 138931 word ‘yes’ slips out, pause, say you can’t give an answer just yet – you’ll get back to them. This technique gives you time to think. Now you can choose to say NO, calmly, politely and kindly.

3. Do one thing at a time. SLOW DOWN! If you are racing, so is your heart! Write yourself a list, prioritize your tasks and work through your list methodically. You need to enjoy what you are doing, not justrepparttar 138932 results of your efforts.

4. Stop trying to fall asleep. So many people go to bed desperate to fall asleep as quickly as possible, and then sufferrepparttar 138933 frustration of wakefulness. Quit struggling – you need to relax before you can sleep! Be thankful that you are warm, safe and cozy, be glad that your body is resting. Breathe deeply, slowly, gently and listen to your heart beating peacefully.

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