How To Advertise for Free: Lesson #1

Written by Edward Gause

How to Create a Sigline

I bet when you sawrepparttar title of this article you thought you were going to get another one of those "10 Tips" that tell you to "do this..." and "do that..." didn't you?

Well, not this time. I'm going to spell it out for you one method of advertising for free and then show you where to go and apply what you've learned. Let's begin.

First, you will need to create a signature line (sigline). If you've ever written a personal or professional letter in your life, you've used a sigline before.

Inrepparttar 139308 personal letter, you probably just ended it with your name only. You ended a professional letter with your name and probably a title or your home or office address.

You need to create a "net style" sigline to advertise whatever it is you've chosen to promote. Here is a sample sigline in it's most basic format:

Edward S. Gause Internet Marketing for Beginners

The first line identifies who you are. The 2nd line is a short description ofrepparttar 139309 page you wantrepparttar 139310 viewer to go visit. The 3rd line isrepparttar 139311 actual link torepparttar 139312 page.

Model Dell: The Art of the Affiliate Coupon

Written by Gary Gray

Along with having an innovative supply chain, there's another reason Dell isrepparttar largest computer company inrepparttar 139288 world. They always offer great coupon codes to online affiliates that letrepparttar 139289 buyer "in" on deals that they otherwise wouldn't get.

By offering coupon and discount codes that are both new promotions and/or expiring deals, it motivates buyers into taking advantage of a one time offer. It's also a great way to push inventory and make room for new products.

Have you noticed Dell is now promoting digital cameras, flash memory, and more electronic products from other retailers? Their success inrepparttar 139290 e-commerce space comes withrepparttar 139291 help of affiliates, and now they are promoting a wide range of electronics with similar coupon codes to what was once only available to computer discounts. Promotions like these benefitrepparttar 139292 buyer AND seller.

If I were a retailer, I would modelrepparttar 139293 dell coupons and coupon codes Dell provides. It really sells products, especially when it's an extra $50-$100 discount. This makes a consumer feel like they're gettingrepparttar 139294 best deal out there, regardless ofrepparttar 139295 actual final price.

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