How To Advertise Your New Business in Four Easy Steps

Written by Kevin Nunley

Are you starting a new business? Congratulations! Millions like you are putting up their signs and welcoming customers forrepparttar first time. Withrepparttar 101019 economy swinging upward and evenrepparttar 101020 smallest business empowered byrepparttar 101021 Internet, there has never been a better time to get started in your own venture.

However, without solid advertising and marketing, you won't get customers. Even worse, you can spend a fortune on advertising inrepparttar 101022 wrong places and you STILL won't get customers.

Here are four must-do things to remember when you start to promote your new business.

1. First, decide who your best customers are. Are they home owners in a particular part of town? Are they certain sized business in your industry?

Unless you have billions in investment capital, you can't afford to advertise to everyone. Even if you sell something that ANYONE would want, a limited budget means you must focus only on your best potential customers.

After all, that only makes sense. Just twenty percent of your customers will usually account for eighty percent of your sales. So focus on that special twenty percent.

2. Find out what media your customers use. If you run a nightclub, your customers probably find out about a business like yours from radio commercials and local entertainment newspaper listings. If you build web sites, your customers probably find someone like you with search engines, in email newsletters, or from referrals on popular sites.

Now focus only on media you can afford to use again and again. People will need to see your ad several times before they decide to buy. Far too often I see new businesses blow their entire ad budget one big newspaper ad, TV commercial, or live radio spot. They may get a flood of people inrepparttar 101023 storerepparttar 101024 first few days, but then people stop coming. Now,repparttar 101025 business doesn't have enough money left to continue advertising, and they eventually close their doors for good.

The nightclub owner above could advertise with cheap commercials late at night on pop stations that closely targetrepparttar 101026 age group and lifestyle that comes to his club. The web designer might limit his ads to a few popular ezines that provide web design tips.

3. Sellrepparttar 101027 main benefit of your product, service, or idea. Sure, people want to know how you startedrepparttar 101028 business and how shiny your new gizmo 2000 is, but mostly they want to know how your product or service can SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS.

Yellow Pages Advertising ... 13 Ways to Spice Up Your Results

Written by Kris Mills

Each year businesses aroundrepparttar world spend a small fortune on Yellow Pages advertising. It's perhaps one ofrepparttar 101018 largest single investments you'll make in advertising all year so it makes sense to ensure your ad packsrepparttar 101019 biggest punch and gives yourepparttar 101020 very best return on your advertising dollar.

Doing this is simple if you knowrepparttar 101021 right formula.

Unlike with press advertising, people looking inrepparttar 101022 Yellow Pages are ready to buy right now. While onrepparttar 101023 surface of things thatís great news,repparttar 101024 challenge is that you need to ensure that your prospect sees your ad first and acts upon it ... amongstrepparttar 101025 sea of competitorís ads.

So you donít need to sell them onrepparttar 101026 idea of needing your type of product or service, all you need to sell them onrepparttar 101027 benefits of your particular business.

Sell them onrepparttar 101028 reason why they should call you and nobody else.

Getting your ad noticed first ISNíT about being creative by using thick borders and attractive graphics. You see, many people mistakenly believe that if they include huge logos and thick borders their ad will get noticed first.

Thereís two challenges with that:

First, if everyone hasrepparttar 101029 same idea of using a thick border and big bold graphics, your ad wonít in fact, stand out.

Second, even if your ad does get noticed first, it doesnít necessarily mean your prospect will readrepparttar 101030 ad and act on it.

The key to writing a sizzling Yellow Pages ad is to sell your services in print.

It's about standing out from every one of your competitors by offering your readersrepparttar 101031 solution to their problems in a way that your competitors canít match. And projecting that "uniqueness" in your headline.

If you like, your Yellow Pages ad is your silent salesperson. It needs to attract attention, create interest and desire and incite action.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The nuts and bolts ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Earlier we talked about uniqueness. Before you put pen to paper writing your ad, take a few minutes to consider what your prospects really want to achieve by doing business with you.

Write a list. Next to each point then list how your product or service helps them achieve their goals. Then next to these points, prove your claims.

Why is it unique?

How (specifically) do you deliver these results?

Is itrepparttar 101032 43 point checklist?

Is it a unique secret formula?

Is it a money back guarantee? These points now formrepparttar 101033 basis of your ad.

The most important part of your Yellow Pages ad is your headline. If you have a hard hitting headline that projects a strong benefit and relates torepparttar 101034 needs of your prospect, halfrepparttar 101035 work is done.

Some headlines that help you do that include:

"How to xxxxx"

"6 reasons why ..."

"Before you xxxxx here are 6 vital factors to consider"

Once youíve got a strong headline, itís then time to work on your body copy. Your body copy should expand onrepparttar 101036 benefits you've mentioned in your headline and show specific ways you'll help your prospect fulfil their needs.

Your ad then finishes off by telling your reader what to do. You MUST spell out your instructions. "Call us NOW on 939 9897 for a copy of our FREE report titled 'How to Write Powerful Ads'."

It has been proven that by writing 'Call us now on xxx xxxx' you'll get more responses than you would if you simply listed a phone number.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 ways to spice up your Yellow Pages Ad ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1) Write as you speak

Inject your personality into everything you write. Youíll be amazed byrepparttar 101037 response. No-one wants to read boring and stuffy legal-ease. It makes them switch off.

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