How To: Force Update On Sky Box

Written by Bill Holder

If you want to make sure your box hasrepparttar latest firmware version your can force an update.

First of all unplug your box fromrepparttar 150291 wall socket, hold downrepparttar 150292 back up button onrepparttar 150293 front ofrepparttar 150294 box and keep it held down and turn onrepparttar 150295 box. After 10 seconds or so, your box will announce that itís updating software. When itís finished, you've gotrepparttar 150296 latest version.

At Last Adult Fairytales, But Do They Live Happily Ever After?

Written by Wayne Bryant

Meagan meetsrepparttar man of her dreams one morning while jogging onrepparttar 150271 beach in front of his condo. She soon inherits her Uncleís yacht after his untimely demise inrepparttar 150272 Florida Keys. Was this good or bad timing on Meaganís part? Is it proper etiquette to invite suspense, mystery, danger, and adventure along on oneís honeymoon? Our happy

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