How The Right Domain Name Can Improve Your Sales

Written by Kate Fox

So you're starting a website and have visions of making hundreds, even thousands of dollars in sales a day.

You've done your market research, found a profitable niche, planned your website's theme and layout. Now all you need to do is buildrepparttar site, buy a domain name and - voila -repparttar 151061 cash starts rolling in.

Hold on there cowboy. While making lots of money with your website is very possible, it's not as easy as it used to be.

Increasing competition, fickle web searchers and crazy search engine algorithms make earning money from your website a little harder than it used to be.

Don't get me wrong though: If you're serious about making a living online and you work hard, you can make more money than you ever dreamed possible. The key is that you have to realize that every little decision you make in your web business helps propel you torepparttar 151062 top and give you that edge.

One way to get an edge over your competitors and and keep your customers coming back is to chooserepparttar 151063 right domain name. (Your domain name isrepparttar 151064 unique name that identifies your Internet website.)

Here arerepparttar 151065 top 3 waysrepparttar 151066 right domain can help you build a killer cash generating website.

#1 A good domain name helps your customers remember your website.

How many times have you found a great website, forgotten to bookmark it and then completely forgotrepparttar 151067 name ofrepparttar 151068 site? While some Internet users do userepparttar 151069 bookmark function, many other Internet users do not.

They assume they'll be able to return to a good website by rememberingrepparttar 151070 URL or throughrepparttar 151071 search engine where they found it. But that's not alwaysrepparttar 151072 case. Search engine rankings fall; people forget which search engine they used or which keyphrase your website came up under.

Tip: Choose a domain name primarily for your target audience. Make it simple - preferably 2 words only or 3 short ones at most. Try to choose a .com or a .net or even a .org ending - people just don't remember a funky extension like .name, .tv or even .biz.

If you can, make it an action phrase that describes what your website can do for your customer. For example, if you repair laptops, something like: would be a lot easier for your customer to remember than

Why is this easier? Because people don't have time to remember your URL. They are focused on what THEY want to do (i.e. 'fix laptop'.) therefore it's much easier to remember your URL if it describes what they want to do.

Seecrets On Internet: An Ant Watching Giants Fight Part 2 (Google vs. Yahoo vs. Microsoft)

Written by Stan Seecrets

A new message reveals itself whenever there is a change within our society or culture. This isrepparttar effect of a new medium. With this early warning, one can identifyrepparttar 150941 new medium before everyone knows it – which could take months, years or even decades.

As Marshall McLuhan, many regard asrepparttar 150942 Prophet ofrepparttar 150943 Electronic Age, reminds us, "Control over change would seem to consist in moving not with it but ahead of it. Anticipation givesrepparttar 150944 power to deflect and control force."

News of Google enteringrepparttar 150945 payment arena broke inrepparttar 150946 third week of June 2005. This author’s article "Search Engine Wars – a Different Perspective", two weeks earlier, made some allusion to it.

Google and Yahoo plans to index all classified ads from online newspapers. Readers can easily draw some useful conclusions.

Hints from Mountain View suggest that if your site does not accept ads from you-know-who, your site’s rankings may tank. Readers can then deduce there are a limited number of popular keywords and with a growing list of ads, they have to find lots of Internet real estate (web sites) fast as outlets.

This author’s take

Does anyone notice that Google News favor a few European sites and a Middle-eastern site? Is politics also a criterion in rankings?

This author’s site received its PR ranking on Bastille Day, 2005. A day later,repparttar 150947 ranking dropped a notch. This evidence clearly made nonsense of some Google’s spokesperson official statementrepparttar 150948 rankings are updated once in a few months. Perhaps, it is just another day from DMV (Drunkards of Mountain View) as Joe Nogood stated. [Shame on you if you have not read this master class (well, almost master class) tutorial on keywords and relevancy written with original jokes. The folks at Redmond and Sunnyvale voted it asrepparttar 150949 best article ofrepparttar 150950 year – just joking.]

Yahoo and MSN correctly favored originating sites when it comes to ranking same documents like free-reprint articles. Google has different ideas on origin sites - maybe, there is some truth that its search engine runs on burgundy, brandy and so forth – their search engines on occasion becomes tipsy. Is Google really serious on promoting original content?

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