How The Affiliate Masters Make Massive Sales

Written by Joe Bingham

Everyone involved in Internet marketing knowsrepparttar names ofrepparttar 102451 affiliate program masters. Marlon Sanders. Mark Joyner. Jimmy D. Brown. Terry Dean.

Everyone knows them because at one point or another 95% of us signed up as an affiliate with at least one of them. We also know them because these arerepparttar 102452 guys who have pulled inrepparttar 102453 BIG money we all dream about. They've actually done it, and so we pay attention to what they do.

Well, after having paid attention to these guys for over two years, I'm ready to spillrepparttar 102454 beans on their neat little secrets --- without asking for $49.95 per item or $1000 forrepparttar 102455 whole shebang.

Oh, what do I know, you say, I'm not one of them. Maybe so, and you can discount everything I say if atrepparttar 102456 end of reading this you're not sitting there at your computer nodding in agreement.

Time and again, these guys release hot, new products touting exciting, cutting edge information that's going to revolutionize Internet marketing. And so it does, for a month or so, untilrepparttar 102457 next hot, new product comes along.

However, I just want you to keep one thing in mind as we go along. The main goal of each new product these affiliate masters produce is NOT to providerepparttar 102458 best information possible forrepparttar 102459 consumer of that product --- except whenrepparttar 102460 information provided torepparttar 102461 consumer does in fact assist withrepparttar 102462 main goal.

Don't be so naive people. The sales copy for each and every marketing information product IS written all about you,repparttar 102463 consumer. They emphasize what you'll gain, how you'll benefit, and what they'll do for you.

But,repparttar 102464 main goal of that product, in truth, has nothing to do with you. You are simply a means to an end. The main goal of each and every product introduced by any marketer in any affiliate program is simply to produce profits,repparttar 102465 highest profits possible, and nothing more.

Think about whererepparttar 102466 vast majority of their sales come from. Is it fromrepparttar 102467 sales their affiliates make to others, or fromrepparttar 102468 affiliates themselves?

It'srepparttar 102469 affiliates. If you're running an affiliate program,repparttar 102470 money is NOT in what your affiliates accomplish, but in what your affiliates purchase themselves.

This is only natural, for what are affiliates but repeat customers?

These masters approach you from a slant that appears to be in your favor. They are going to give yourepparttar 102471 best information possible. They are going to give yourepparttar 102472 chance to make commissions off of their work. They are going to give you sales tools, incentives, discounts, their wisdom and experience, and whatever else you need so that YOU can make BIG money working online.

But wait, hold on, what are you giving them in return? Your time, and your contacts.

Anyone who's ever operated a traditional business knowsrepparttar 102473 answer to this question. What are two ofrepparttar 102474 biggest expenses involved with running a business?

1. Labor 2. Advertising

As an affiliate what are you providing torepparttar 102475 affiliate program owner again? Your time (labor) and your contacts (advertising).

In other words, when you join an affiliate program, you are essentially signing up forrepparttar 102476 privilege of taking two ofrepparttar 102477 biggest expenses involved in running a business onto your back and off of theirs!


Written by Avril Harper


(Low-Cost, No-Cost Ways to Market Your Site Using Key Words and Phrases)

Generating high traffic to your web site can be costly, or not, depending on time and effort you commit torepparttar business.

One ofrepparttar 102450 easiest, least expensive and most effective ways to get visitors is via a concept called ‘Keyword Density'.

Mini Site Profits by Phil Wiley was my first and most valuable introduction to keyword density and would eventually becomerepparttar 102451 focus of my online marketing campaigns.

Wiley tells how many search engines spiderrepparttar 102452 Internet for sites containing keywords similar to those someone has just keyed into a search engine. The more times those words appear on your site - conditionally -repparttar 102453 more chance you'll get that high ranking.

But search engines aim for relevance, too, so a site actually bearing little relevance to specific terms might rank high for a short while, until human editors come in, check it out, then abandonrepparttar 102454 site as irrelevant to their customers.

It's all about ‘content' which for our purposes means useful articles, information and advice which search engines consider valuable to their customers, rather than pages packed with advertisements and little else (unless they're getting paid for it via pay per click promotions, of course!).

For example, ‘sex' is a hot topic onrepparttar 102455 Internet andrepparttar 102456 subject of millions of searches every month. How wonderful for your site to appear to everyone searching for ‘sex' - (one day I will rephrase that) - who happens upon pages offering discount holidays, printer refill cartridges, golf clubs, pencils, but not sex!

The point is, anyone using specific techniques to lift their own non-sex-related site high onrepparttar 102457 listings when someone keys ‘sex' into search engines will soon be exposed and probably banned for life from most search engine listings. By ‘techniques' I mean pastingrepparttar 102458 word ‘sex' all overrepparttar 102459 background of your site selling lawn mowers, or calling your site ‘Everything to Do with Sex' when your site bears no relevance at all torepparttar 102460 ‘S' word.

Here are a few ways to use keyword density to increase your chance of a higher ranking over site owners who don't try quite so hard:

·Choose a domain name containing words and phrases most commonly searched for by your target audience. The site for my mystery shopping book, for example, is Other examples from my own collection, with titles, articles, domain names based on keyword density:,,

·Include your best key words and phrases in page titles, for bothrepparttar 102461 home page and all additional pages. My mystery shopping site has pages entitled: Get Paid to Shop or Even Start Your Own Mystery Shopping Business, Travel Free, Get Paid to Play Golf, and articles entitled: Start Your Own Mystery Shopping Business, Get Paid to Shop and Keep Everything You Buy Without Having to Pay! Those titles came, not surprisingly, because ‘Get Paid to Shop' and ‘Start Mystery Shopping Business' are common terms used by people seeking products like mine.

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