How The “Golfer Elbow” Can Be Avoided And Cured

Written by Mike Pedersen

The golfer elbow is very similar torepparttar tennis elbow and can be a nagging and extremely painful injury that hasrepparttar 142166 danger of recurring again and again.

The golfer elbow is a rather annoying injury for many golfers and usually greatly disrupts their game. This is because doctors will always advice that you stay away completely fromrepparttar 142167 game untilrepparttar 142168 injury heals completely. This may take quite sometime. The elbow is a joint and most joint injuries take much longer to heal than other injuries because it is difficult to completely avoid using a joint in our day to day lives.

Golfer elbow is usually caused by either sudden movement or continued recurring strain onrepparttar 142169 tendons. A tendon inrepparttar 142170 body usually joins a muscle to a bone. Actually this injury occurs onrepparttar 142171 tendon aroundrepparttar 142172 elbow area.

Apart from medication and rest away from golf, another way of dealing with golf elbow is by carrying out certain stretch exercises.

To preventrepparttar 142173 injury a golfer will have to introduce exercise into their golf training program. The exercises are mostly stretch exercises and strength exercises to improverepparttar 142174 strength and endurance of key muscles inrepparttar 142175 body that are used inrepparttar 142176 golf game and especially duringrepparttar 142177 golf swing.

The 6 game situations in Tennis

Written by Mark Luyk

Hi, As promised I will talk a bit aboutrepparttar six different situations you can be in on a tennis court. Last week I told you it was important first and foremost to develop consistency in each one of them. The six game situations are: 1.Serving................................. This is perhapsrepparttar 142147 most important game situation at least as far as playing matches is concerned. Why? Because every point starts with a serve. Unfortunately, more often than not it isrepparttar 142148 stroke least practiced. 2.Returningrepparttar 142149 serve................. For obvious reasons this is a very important stroke as well. If you can't do anything else, make sure you keeprepparttar 142150 ball in play with your return. In that way you will giverepparttar 142151 opponent a chance to make a mistake... 3.Baseline rallying...................... When beginners first are capable of hitting 5, 6, 7 times overrepparttar 142152 net with me, I tell them: 'You see, it's not that hard! You're playing tennis now!' Usually this happens duringrepparttar 142153 first lesson and their faces always lighten up when I tell them. I think this is becauserepparttar 142154 basic idea of tennis (to hitrepparttar 142155 ball overrepparttar 142156 net inrepparttar 142157 opponent's court) is expressed so clearly in this situation. 4.Approaching + playing volleys........... When you get torepparttar 142158 net atrepparttar 142159 right moment (you get a shorter ball and your opponent is [slightly] out of position) and you can play a decent volley it makesrepparttar 142160 game of tennis much more fun. Play can get more exciting and unexpected when one or both players show up atrepparttar 142161 net from time to time.

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