How Silence Can help You Close More Sales

Written by Ken Levine

Silence is Golden

Want to close more sales? STOP TALKING!!!!! Think back to your high school and college days. When your teacher or professor told you that whatever he/she was talking about was going to be on a test or quiz, did you listen more intently? Did you wakeup and start taking notes? Were you suddenly trying to capture as much information as possible?

When you are on a sales call, it's not too much different than what was supposed to happen when you were in a classroom environment. You were there to learn. You were there to obtain information.

Your client is meeting with you presumably because they need help. Are you giving your clientsrepparttar solution before you really understandrepparttar 140275 problem? Do you have a tendency to interrupt people and give them your ideas before they can complete a sentence? When you dorepparttar 140276 talking, you are inhibiting your prospects and clients from wanting to talk. Your job is not to dominaterepparttar 140277 conversation and give a lot of advice. Your job is to listen, and encourage your prospects to keep on talking. Your job is to help your customer solve a problem. Your job is to findrepparttar 140278 root ofrepparttar 140279 problem and determine if your customer wants to fix it. You can't do that if you are dominating a conversation.

It's In The Mail - Direct Mail is Alive and Kicking!

Written by Jim Logan

Compared to a lot of companies in our field we do a lot of direct mail – postcards, sales letters, promotions, announcements, lead generation. Between client business and ours, we’re averaging one campaign every two weeks; about 1500 pieces per mailing. We’re planning expansion to over 2000 pieces per campaign and will increase mailings to once per week. One particular business interest will grow to 10,000 pieces a month. We’re constantly building and adding to our mailing lists.

We’ve learned a lot alongrepparttar way. We developrepparttar 139942 entire piece in-house and use printing services such as for production. We discovered bulk and presorted mail a while back and our costs dropped. We developed a couple in-house processes with staff to form a production-line approach to stuffing, sorting, and stamping pieces for delivery torepparttar 139943 local USPS office. By producingrepparttar 139944 piece and mailing this way, our costs are low enough to make it affordable – we can recover costs withrepparttar 139945 first client project.

We don’t currently use email marketing, ezine or newsletter stuff in our business. We have an auto-responder solution that’s never been used. I’ll probably begin a newsletter of sorts and userepparttar 139946 auto-responder inrepparttar 139947 not too distant future. But until then, we haven’t used those solutions in our own business. Direct mail is effective enough that we haven’t feltrepparttar 139948 need to do otherwise. But that will change with plans to expand our business.

Our direct mail campaigns are targeted to business leaders of all sizes, from venture backed companies to local small businesses and F500 executives. We’ve foundrepparttar 139949 results to be aboutrepparttar 139950 same for all targets. Also, we’ve used direct mail inrepparttar 139951 public sector and have had great success in lead generation efforts to meet with elected and senior non-elected officials. We use Michael Bolyan’s Circle of Leverage technique and write copy using Doug Hall’s three pillar approach to customer communications. We shy from popular direct mail copy writing techniques that to me read like infomercials. Simple, torepparttar 139952 point, and actionable – that’s about all we do.

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