How Search Engines Work

Written by Matt Colyer

Before anyone can start optimizing a web site, you must understand how search engines work.

Search engine optimization isrepparttar hardest thing to do for a webmaster because there are so many rules to it and you have to stay up to date with allrepparttar 127933 new search engine optimization techniques.

Search engines send out what is know as a robot or some people call them spiders to index your web page. They find web pages by links, When a robot finds a link on a web page it will follow it to that page (you can join to trade links with other members). Each search engine has it's own robot and each robot acts different, then other robots. Some robots will index all of your web site in day and others will take weeks before they get all of your web pages. A spider is a computer software that moves from web page to web page by links gathering information.

Branding Versus Search Engine Optimization

Written by Kevin S. Kantola

Branding versus search engine optimization is a marketing dilemma that larger companies will need to come to grips with onrepparttar Internet. Often companies will need to decide whether to promote their own brand name as their main keyword phrase or optimize for a more generic keyword phrase. For instance, one search engine report states that 1.3 million visitors per month search forrepparttar 127932 term "Best Buy." This same report states thatrepparttar 127933 term "electronics" is searched for by 1.1 visitors per month. The obvious choice in this scenario is for Best Buy to optimize for their own brand name first andrepparttar 127934 word "electronics" second.

But take a competitor such as Fry's Electronics. Approximately 95,000 visitors search forrepparttar 127935 term "Fry's" every month, far short of those who search for "electronics". Does this mean Fry's Electronics (a partner with should optimize for "electronics" first and Fry's (and/or second?

Currently, a search on Google for "electronics" will show that Best Buy does not show up inrepparttar 127936 first two pages. Fry's ( is onrepparttar 127937 second page. But let's take a further look to see who is inrepparttar 127938 number 1 position: Sony.

Sony, with 450,000 searches per month forrepparttar 127939 word "sony", has managed to grabrepparttar 127940 number one spot for its brand name andrepparttar 127941 generic name "electronics". A search ofrepparttar 127942 Sony homepage source code will reveal that this page is optimized for both words, "Sony" and "electronics." By optimizing for both words Sony has nabbed a lot of traffic neglected by Best Buy and perhaps even exceeds Best Buys traffic in doing this.

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