How Search Engines Impact Online Sales

Written by Joseph M. Holcomb

I really had to sit down and mullrepparttar facts released in a joint study by comScore Networks and DoubleClick. The ‘Understanding Online Buyer Search Actvity’ report studied 1.5 million internet users purchase decisions as related to 30 different web sites. It followed users over 12 weeks time acquiring data on how searchers made their buying decisions online.

While many advanced marketers may find this information to be old news they should be embracingrepparttar 128237 release of this data by DoubleClick and comScore. It’s significant research that can help to enhancerepparttar 128238 visibility of search marketing in general (both organic optimization and paid placement) and helps to dispel common myths involved in online search marketing. This research got very little press inrepparttar 128239 search marketing community today and I’m kind of upset by that.

This is research that helps paverepparttar 128240 way for new online advertisers to completely understandrepparttar 128241 metrics behind why search engine marketing is absolutely vital torepparttar 128242 success of their web site(s).

These companies should be applauded by search marketers for proving some ofrepparttar 128243 assumptions we have guessed at forrepparttar 128244 last few years.

Three things stand out in this research that are significant findings:

More than 50% of online buying decisions begin on a search engine. Using “generic search terms” is extremely important for search marketing. Contrary to popular belief, one click will never equal one sale.

Of course there are more stats like 75% of all searches for travel related information result in an eventual sale. In other words if you have a travel related site and you are not focusing your online advertising dollars on web search then you are just plain crazy. Still, I want to elaborate onrepparttar 128245 three notes above.

50% or more of ALL online buying decisions begin with a web search.

Search marketers have known this for a long time. The reason that this is a significant fact is because no one has ever produced a solid number to emphasizerepparttar 128246 impact that search engine usage has onrepparttar 128247 buying process. It is a powerful statement to be able to say to potential search advertisers, “50% of all your sales are going to emanate from web search”. If you are not listed onrepparttar 128248 engines 24/7 you are killing your own sales revenue and handing business directly to your competitor.

Whatrepparttar 128249 study reveals is that searchers look for information on their purchases over a period of weeks before they make their buying decision. They repeatedly return to search results looking for valid information on their purchase. If your web site is not listed constantly in a prominent position onrepparttar 128250 1st page of search results you might as well pack it in and go home. You’re getting beaten badly by every competitor ahead of you inrepparttar 128251 search results not to mention losing a major branding opportunity on every search.

In other words, if you’re doing pay per click, maintain your bid in one ofrepparttar 128252 top 3 to 5 positions onrepparttar 128253 first page of search results ALL THE TIME, if possible. Turn on your auto-charge account atrepparttar 128254 pay per click provider and set a daily budget cap. Better yet figure out what times of day generaterepparttar 128255 most sales on your web site and implement a day parting program for your ads. (Day parting is when you time your search ads only to appear during certain hours ofrepparttar 128256 day).

If it’s organic optimization techniques then shoot to be onrepparttar 128257 first page of search results. Searches for “web hosting” will count for far more brand impact and sales than “cheap web hosting in louisville kentucky". Frankly if you’re ranking well for long search queries like that one then you need to firerepparttar 128258 guy/gal working on your organic search optimization program. Although it’s great to say, YAY! We’re ranked #1 onrepparttar 128259 phrase “cow chips and moose patties” it sure as hell isn’t going to do much for your search volume and it will not contribute to your sales growth. Yes, it is important but it is also extremely useless to focus effort on optimizing for long phrases like that.

Using “generic search terms” is extremely important in search marketing.

Using the "Da Vinci Code" to build quality one way inbound links

Written by Jason Hulott

Sometimes you just need to look torepparttar latest book or movie to get inspiration. One way to use these phenomena is in your online press release campaign.

Seerepparttar 128236 title of this article? I practice what I preach. GRIN!

Writing press releases is a great way to attract interest about your business and get written about inrepparttar 128237 media. Don't think for one minute thatrepparttar 128238 press are only interested in "real" companies. If you have a newsworthy story that is topic and an editor thinks it will benefit his readers, he/she will publish it.

Hopefully this will lead to more traffic to your site, maybe a free link from their website, and sales! Yes, one way in bound links from authority sites! Manna from heaven. You just can't buy these kinds of quality inbound links.

But how do I write press releases or more importantly how to a sustain a press release writing campaign?

Here's whererepparttar 128239 "Da Vinci Code" comes in. If you have not heard about Dan Brown's controversial book then you must have been on a desert island forrepparttar 128240 last 5 years.

It has created much controversy and I hasten to add , money , that it truly is a phenomena. A movie is due soon with Tom Hanks and Ron Howard, alledgedly.

Anyways, anything related or even mentioningrepparttar 128241 "Da Vinci Code" is snapped up. I own several "other" Da Vinci Code books on crackingrepparttar 128242 code and information onrepparttar 128243 background torepparttar 128244 book etc etc. I don't haverepparttar 128245 t-shirt yet! Watch this space!

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