How Safe Is Your DATA?

Written by Simon Morris

What would you do if you switched your computer on tomorrow morning, only to see an error message and to find that some of your important files had become corrupted? You may no longer be able to open some files - or, even worse, files might have gone missing without a trace.

Welcome torepparttar world of data loss!

If you rely on your computer, then this would be a total disaster. If you run any kind of web site or online business, things would get worse before they got better.

Imagine losing your entire ezine subscriber base. Need I say more? Backing up your data on a regular basis is not an option, but a necessity - forrepparttar 132074 sake of both your business and your sanity.

Considerrepparttar 132075 following statistics, which showrepparttar 132076 most common reasons for data loss:

42% Mechanical Failure 34% Human Error 15% Software Failure 6% Viruses 3% Natural Disaster (Statistics taken from The Security News)

Repeat out loud: Backup, backup, backup!!

Now that you've gotrepparttar 132077 message, you'll need to know how to go about backing up your data. There are several options available, but forrepparttar 132078 purpose of this article I want to concentrate onrepparttar 132079 different methods of online backup available overrepparttar 132080 internet.

Basically, there are two types of online backup services. Withrepparttar 132081 first, once you have downloadedrepparttar 132082 software and installed it on your PC you just connect torepparttar 132083 backup provider's server and away you go. Just selectrepparttar 132084 files you want backed up and then transfer them overrepparttar 132085 internet, rather like using FTP to upload your web pages to your web host.

This option usually entails a monthly fee of anywhere from $5-$20. The software is easy to use, and restoring your files is just as simple as backing them up inrepparttar 132086 first place. You can back up as many files as you wish and even your entire PC if you like, although this will take quite some time.

Never Too Late To Learn--BACK UP!

Written by Mary Holzrichter

It happened to me...

My computer crashed today.

First thought is, "This can't be happening to me"! In my effort to prove that reasoning correct, I reboot. First line of defense. Hmm. Still no response.

Oh no! What now? What will I do without my computer?

I call our computer techie. He tells me how to try one more thing. He adds to *cross my fingers.*

That *one more thing* does no good. Neither does crossing my fingers.

Intorepparttar car, I load that sorry-looking computer while cursing it! Hi, ho, it's off torepparttar 132072 techie's office we go.

My husband comes home from work. Trying to put myself in a cheerful mood doesn't work. As I explain what's happened, I can hear him thinking, "Oh, geez, is she a mess"!

I realize how much a part of my life my computer has become. I can't live without my computer!

What do I do now? Not sure. What can I do now? Nothing. Got to facerepparttar 132073 fact my computer's not waiting for me inrepparttar 132074 next room! Oh, no, it is gone.

Maybe I'll get a good sleep tonight. But then I'll only have to awake inrepparttar 132075 morning and remember I don't have my computer! I'm not looking forward to that.

Uh, oh. I can't sleep. Wish I was onrepparttar 132076 internet. Wonder how long it'll take to get my computer back?

Counting sheep (about 547 so far) isn't working. May as well get up. Maybe I'll sit and write awhile.

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