How Professional Ebay Auction Templates Can Boost Your Ebay Sales

Written by Thomas Haselhorst

Do you like to sell on eBay? It’s easy and fun, isn’t it? In fact, it’s one ofrepparttar easiest online business you can start almost overnight, without any major investments. That’srepparttar 148501 best thing about it. But do you also know that onlyrepparttar 148502 minority ofrepparttar 148503 people selling on eBay are really successful and that most of them quit after a little while or run it only as a hobby. Yes, that’s true. Hard facts, butrepparttar 148504 truth. So, what arerepparttar 148505 secrets of those successful eBay sellers? Well,repparttar 148506 most important thing to become successful is a unique product. That’srepparttar 148507 first thing. In case you don’t have a unique product, you can sell products which are in high demand, eg. children clothing, designer clothing, digital cameras, etc. But you have to keep in mind that your item has to compete with 100 similar products – maybe even to a better price. So if you are selling products which are highly competitive, then your sales letter has to be DIFFERENT. No, not only different, it has to be UNIQUE. And not only unique!! Your listing has to be PROFESSIONAL.

Let me tell you about our experiment. We have tried various listings forrepparttar 148508 same item. And what do you think which listing gotrepparttar 148509 most bids? Right, listings with a professional UNIQUE design end up with 30-40% more bids. Can you imagine that? It was exactlyrepparttar 148510 same item. Justrepparttar 148511 design ofrepparttar 148512 sales letter can make a massive difference inrepparttar 148513 end price you may get. It’s just amazing. We have saying in German: “Das Auge isst mit”. The translation is something like: “If it looks nice it has to taste better”. Well, as we know this is not always true though, but that’srepparttar 148514 psychology of our human brain. Ifrepparttar 148515 overall impression ofrepparttar 148516 food is good, an impulse is sent torepparttar 148517 brain: This has to taste good – I want to try that. It’srepparttar 148518 same thing with buying in a shop or on eBay. Ifrepparttar 148519 auction website ofrepparttar 148520 item you are looking at looks nice,repparttar 148521 product has to be good and it’s more likely that you click onrepparttar 148522 “Bid now” button. We have seen that many times and especially with our little experiment.

Using Back Links to get Top Search Engine Ranking

Written by Richard Moore

Using Back Links to get

Top Search Engine Ranking

There are no hidden secrets on how to rank high withrepparttar major search engines. All that is needed is a basic understanding of how search engines work and a bit of know how. Perhapsrepparttar 148398 biggest contributing factor to a successful web site is incoming links or Back Links. Without links, your website will more than likely go unnoticed. So how should you accumulate these links? Below are a few basic methods to accumulate quality back links.

Before you get started

You MUST understand how search engines work. Over 90% of your business will likely come directly from search engine results. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to optimize your site for search engines. You could haverepparttar 148399 greatest deals inrepparttar 148400 entire world, but if no one knows about them then your efforts are wasted. Do a search on google for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You will find tons of great information on how to create a website that is both user friendly and search engine friendly. There are also countless numbers of companies and freelancers out there who offer SEO services. Just be cautious of their offers and do your research first. Remember, NO ONE can guarantee top placement in major search engines, no matter what they say.

Where should back links come from?

1. Articles are a fantastic source of links and additional traffic to your site. There are countless sites online that want your articles. It’s a win win situation for everyone. When you write articles and submit them online, you are able to leave a link to your own site and sometimes even anchor text. I know what you’re saying, “I can’t write about anything.” I use to feelrepparttar 148401 same way. Butrepparttar 148402 truth ofrepparttar 148403 matter is, anyone can write. You just have to find a topic that interests you. You can write about anything from dogs, to computers, to personal training, to web hosting, heck you can even write about writing. The bottom line is, articles are a valuable source of “relevant” back links to your site.

2. Submit to directories. There are literally hundreds of “free” and “paid” directories online. With 3 hours of painless work, you can have your site submitted to hundreds of great directories. There are many quality lists of directories that are regularly updated. One of my favorites is which is always updated and maintained.

3. Develop link exchanges with relevant sites. The major search engines such as google see incoming links from relevant sites, and give them more rank compared a link from an unrelated site. For example, if you have a website about pet care products, your link strategy should target pet related sites. Again with a bit of hard work and determination, you can develop a great deal of “relevant” back links.

4. Forums are a great source for additional traffic and links. Many forums allow their users to display signatures in their posts. These signatures can consist of both text and links. When you post a new message on that forum, your websites link will be displayed for everyone to see. This not only helps build valuable back links, but will bring additional traffic to your website.

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