How Power Play Golf Fitness Has Changed The Game

Written by Mike Pedersen

The sensational entry intorepparttar game by legendary golfer Tiger Woods, atrepparttar 142232 tender age of 20, introduced power play golf fitness into a game that had traditionally been looked at as a leisure sport where technique was much more important and necessary than any physical fitness or strength.

Never before hadrepparttar 142233 world witnessed such a physically fit golfer playing atrepparttar 142234 highest levels ofrepparttar 142235 game.

Research has produced some amazing revelations about Tiger Woods and power play golf fitness.

For example it is widely known that golfers can generally achieve a club head speed of 100 M.P.H. atrepparttar 142236 bottom of their swing. Research however shows that Tiger Woods can reach up to 125 M.P.H. Little wonder that he is able to achieve those amazing distances with his drives.

Apart fromrepparttar 142237 technique employed, fitness andrepparttar 142238 correct conditioning ofrepparttar 142239 muscles plays a huge role. This is one ofrepparttar 142240 reasons why many professionals also wishing to enjoyrepparttar 142241 benefits of power play golf fitness have taken to physical work-outs and strength training.

What Hinders You From Hitting Long Drives Will Shock You

Written by Mike Pedersen

Hitting long golf drives isrepparttar desire of every golfer when they are onrepparttar 142231 course.

Sadly many fail to achieve this objective most ofrepparttar 142232 time andrepparttar 142233 best game inrepparttar 142234 world which you are supposed to enjoy enormously, instead ends up being a very frustrating experience.

Yet hitting long golf drives need not be so difficult to achieve. Actuallyrepparttar 142235 greatest hindrance to your hitting long golf drives is you.

You arerepparttar 142236 greatest hindrance to your hitting long golf drives, because if you are like most golfers, you are always trying to hitrepparttar 142237 ball as hard as you possibly can.

In a pure physics situation this would berepparttar 142238 correct approach except that in golf there are some variables that work together to dramatically changerepparttar 142239 situation.

To start with, every golf club is cleverly designed and crafted to hitrepparttar 142240 ball over a certain distance. Sorepparttar 142241 best advice to start with is to trustrepparttar 142242 club you are using for hitting long golf drives to do itsí job, because it is designed to do just that.

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